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Africa Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 - 10:32:51 AM

Corruption in Africa
By Ian Hamel, Le Point, 13/08/2019
Aug 14, 2019 - 1:44:47 PM

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A Franco-Israeli billionaire, Guinea, Switzerland and Nicolas Sarkozy

Beny Steinmetz is going to be judged in Switzerland for corruption in guinea. The problem is that conakry does not pursue it anymore, following a negotiation led by the lawyer Nicolas Sarkozy.

It's a crazy story, but still would we have to know if there are really fools. Because all the protagonists of this scandal could get away without a scratch. Starting with the king of diamond beny steinmetz, who obtained in 2008 access to the deposit deposit, in Southern Guinea, considered one of the world's largest reserves of iron ore. To get it, has this Franco-Israeli installed in Switzerland distributed any pots? In particular to mamadie touré, the fourth wife of former president lansana conté?

Arrived in power in 2010, the new president alpha condé withdraw his license from the company beny steinmetz group resources (Bsrg). In 2013, an international request commission was sent to Switzerland, where beny steinmetz lives with his family. " an important part of the activity of the group group was carried out at the time from Geneva, where beny steinmetz was also resident. The amounts paid as a pots according to the act of charge amount to about $ 10 million, part of which has passed through accounts in Switzerland ", writes the Geneva Public Ministry in a press release dating back to the 10th century. Monday, August 12th.

Up to 10 years in prison

The Prosecutor Claudio Mascotto, renowned for his pugnacity, has held the corruption crimes of foreign public officials and fake in the titles against the Franco-Israeli billionaire and two other accused. False in the titles, because they are accused of making fake contracts and false bills "to hide from banks and authorities that bsrg was funding the payment of jars". they risk up to 10 years of Jail. The trial could take place in 2020. This is the first time that the canton of Geneva will lead alone a trial for international corruption.

And it's not won in advance! Because Guinea will not be a complaint to the trial! As the world reveals, conakry has reached a friendly agreement with beny steinmetz. They have even announced the resumption of their " partnership ". according to Bloomberg Economic Agency, " this reconciliation after seven years of fighting bears the signature of Nicolas Sarkozy. Once again a lawyer, the former French President took advantage of his relations with both parties to play the intermediaries ".

"a judicial activism that does good"

As for beny steinmetz, he is now living in Israel, a country that will not extradite its nationals. The King of diamond has always defended himself in the same way: he would not be the boss of the multi-National who bears his name, just a "Non-Executive Advisor". bsrg would be owned by other companies, which themselves belong At the balta foundation in liechtenstein. Mamadie Touré, the fourth wife of former president lansana conté, will probably not move to Geneva either. She did not deny her contacts with bsrg, nor have taken any commissions. But installed today in Florida, USA, it collaborates with American investigators.

Despite all, the editorial editor of the Geneva Tribune welcomes the fact that this sprawling issue, due to international branches, has not been bogged. Isn't it a "judicial activism that does good" from a canton of 500 000 souls? As much as the public ministry of Confederation has never "been able to organize the iconic grand trial that would have sat its rule in this field".

Source:Ocnus.net 2019

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