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Analyses Last Updated: Aug 15, 2019 - 10:32:51 AM

Analysts say the frequency of Donald Trump’s lies is increasing at an alarming rate
By Walter Einenke, Daily Kos, August 13, 2019
Aug 14, 2019 - 1:41:32 PM

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Donald Trump lies. A lot. In fact, he lies so much that it is almost impossible to find anything true in what he says. Except of course how much he fears and despises women and people of color. The lies and “misstatements” that Trump has made has only increased in velocity since taking office. Trump nearly tripled his rate of lying in his second year in office. Some of his lies are small and seemingly meaningless and petty, while many of his other lies are large and truly offensive—like lying about giving our military personnel their first raise in ten years.

The Washington Post has been keeping a tally of trump’s “proclivity for spouting exaggerated numbers, unwarranted boasts and outright falsehoods,” and according to the paper, Trump’s lying is not slowing down—in fact it is speeding up. On April 26 of this year, the Post noted that Trump’s lies had crossed the 10,000 mark. Since that time Trump is lying around 20 times a day and has made 12,019 false statements since the beginning of his presidency.

You can see some of the paper’s work at their Fact Checker. Some of Trump’s most repeated lies—meaning he’s repeated them well over 100 times—include:

  • How Trump’s “wall” is being built bigger and faster “than ever.”
  • How unemployment is the lowest ever for everyone.
  • China has been stealing money from America.
  • The investigation into Russia’s election meddling is a witch hunt with no merit.
  • Democratic Party wants to open all the borders and flood our social services with Mexicans.
  • He’s strengthened the military after years of “depletion.”

The number one subject Trump has lied about is immigration, making over 2,000 false statements concerning immigration and immigrants in the 2.5 years he’s been in office

Source:Ocnus.net 2019

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