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Analyses Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020 - 11:58:04 AM

Forget Evil Look at Synergic Corruption Ecosystem
By Dr. Nasrullah Khan, Comsat, 22/6/20
Jun 24, 2020 - 1:41:32 PM

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Power, sugar, flour, petrol, tomato, potato and medicines mafias, speculators, hoarders and traders have joined their hands against the change in reinforced decadent system.


There is no scarcity of natural resources in Pakistan, but corrupt mafias create artificial shortages. Oil is the most abundant and cheapest commodity but oil companies have created petrol shortage. Imran Khan reduced prices down to Rs74 per liter that oil companies did not like. The oil companies hoarded oil and started selling at Rs300 to Rs500 per liter in black market.

Traders created shortages of petrol, sugar and flour when government reduced prices in recent months. Traders are more enemies of public, and less of Imran Khan. Economic pundits are planning to raise energy tariffs to pass on Rs 1800 billion circular debts to energy consumers. I think power and energy mafias will support Imran Khan for passing circular debts to consumers.

Capitalists hoard anything like tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, sugar or medicines and start looting people. If you arrest these culprits the judges grant them bails. Judiciary cares for rights of elite people and ignore millions of people affected by their acts. Role of judiciary, administration and executives in good governance is is same as heart, eyes and ears to brain in human body.

Sugar mill owner politicians paid Rs9 billion tax and got Rs29 billion subsidies in last five years. Imran Khan put hand on sugar mafia and they raised sugar price from Rs70 to Rs85 per kg to dent the government. Sugar, flour, petrol and medicine mafias have hijacked 220 million people of Pakistan.

Police, judiciary, property and trader mafias are plundering people of Pakistan. Executives, politicians, civil servants, police and judges have pricy properties in foreign countries. In more than 90% cases the wealth was shifted outside Pakistan using money laundering technologies. None of them has money trail how they transferred wealth abroad without paying any income tax.

Capitalists, industrialists and landlords invest on voters to win elections. Once they get power they plunder Pakistan and transfer kickbacks and commissions to oversees. They prefer UK as British Government does not handover money launderers and mercenaries. UK used to be a grand home of education but now it has become refuge for most wanted corrupt politicians and bureaucrats.

British Empire had given good canal system, railway network, judiciary, legal structure, audit, accounts and accountability systems but we started it using official powers to do corruption instead of applying them for good governance and public welfare. What can be the mindset of political party that buys votes and uses executives to win the election?

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, wanted to the change corrupt system but circumstances have placed sky high obstacles on his way. He was against taking loans, but had to take to save the country from bankruptcy. Government is losing shine due to natural and manmade crises. I wonder who advised him to send reference against sitting judge going to become next Chief Justice of Pakistan.

Legal and constitutional things are just words people get no more justice in Pakistan. I was forced to go to court in 2004 that case was concluded in 2015 after which I put up an appeal to Supreme Court that is still waiting hearing in 2020. Several people died in jail and later courts decided not guilty. We trust in God but not the judicial system of Pakistan. It may be a decision system that decides on basis of evidence, it is certainly not justice system. Look on properties of judges they are the richest people.

Judges need to do justice first with their own salaries. They get more than the highly qualified professors, doctors and engineers. They get even more than prime minister, army chief and neurosurgeons. Every citizen of Pakistan is witness the police and judges take brides. Look at the character of Judge Bashir who was seen dancing almost naked with a wine bottle on his head.

We are first Muslim then judges and politicians. First caliph Umar Farooq stood up to deliver sermon and an ordinary person asked to first explain where he got the shirt he was wearing. Caliph Umar’s son stood up and answered he had donated his own cloth piece to his father to make his new shirt. He did not say, your information gathering method is legal or not?

Prophet Muhammad trained the followers on basis of high morality. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal gave Indian Muslims the idea of new state and Quade Azzam worked hard to get independence. He made Pakistan but God did not give him time to train the nation. Feudal thugs and capitalists ruled people like slaves and at the end industrialists sucked the last drops of blood in national economy.

Imran Khan’s team is facing epic situation that no other government faced earlier. Coronavirus, once in centuries pandemic, has deteriorated the already sinking economy. Locust swarm, once in decades, came with even before the covid-19 disease. Astrologists claim the government is likely to more problems after 21st June’s solar eclipse and media is forecasting millennial scale events.

Organized crime and violation of merit has deprived people from their basic human rights that is viewed as dark side of democracy. A swarm of advisors, technocrats, economic pundits and international thugs get around winning parties to convince them accept their services.

Once they succeed in getting executive positions they select the rest of their race and faith fellows using interview boards and search committees. Syed Baber Ali chose the Chairman HEC and he chose his kith and kin in all universities. This is the academic mafia who has killed R&D in Pakistan.

They started coming in 1980s and are now integral part of every government. Prime Ministers and a few ministers change rest are same in military, PPP and PTI governments. PML has her own panel as this party trusts none outside her family. After Imran Khan, except God, nobody can change the system. Imran Khan has no majority in lower and upper houses to make big changes.

Industrialists, property dealers, capitalists, traders, clerics, ghost busters, script writers, fake hakims and peers have joined hands to loot the people and plunder Pakistan. Western countries decrease prices on festivals but they start looting in fasting month and festivals. I wonder on mindset of people who earn by corrupt means and go to Haj with hope to get rid of all sins.

Sugar, flour, rice, gas, petrol, health, medicines, vegetables, electricity and education mafias have virtually filched free markets in developing countries. Imran Khan came with change slogan, but trader and services mafias are creating artificial shortages to subjugate him. Public and private sectors have joined their hands to fail PTI and plunder people of Pakistan.

Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Ali Imran, Suleman Shehbaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz, Hassan Nawaz and Jahangir Khan etc. A survey of 2018 reported that UK is prime location for Pakistani exposed corrupt politicians to launder funds to buy properties. British government provides refuge to these thugs who have laundered dollars from poor countries. British embassies may refuse visa to professors, students, doctors, engineers and researchers but never to corrupt mafias. Corrupt mafias in developing countries are milk and honey canals for British Government. They plundered the planet in last two centuries and then left their vassals here to continue looking of poor people. Politicians, executives, civil servants, traders and even some judges have their alternative homes there.

Corruption seems to be encoded in the system governing South Asia. Youngsters spend millions of rupees to degrees after which they find no job. Some medical doctors got ad hoc jobs in various districts of Punjab to fight coronavirus pandemic. Accounts offices demand first salary or half of it to start their pay. Police and anticorruption agencies also pay them before getting their first salary.

Look at private hospitals in Karachi which charged RS1500,000 ($9375) to treat a patient for ten days. They charge for ventilators at minutes and hours rates. PTI government has given health cards to 25% people living below abject poverty line what about white collar 50% just above poverty line? It is Asian culture white collar people die but do not beg.

A justice based culture can deliver but the justice is too expensive to afford. Supreme Court prioritizes elite cases the middle class wait for years and decades. National budget 2020-21 is Rs7133 billion out of which Rs2900 (>40%) will go in local (Rs2630 billion) and foreign (Rs315) debt serving. Federal budget will be Rs1289 billion (18%) out of which Rs1286 billion will go to defense to stop devil’s dance on the eastern border. Health and education funds are a fraction of pension for civil servants.

Are youngsters borne to pay taxes for pensions of corrupt bureaucrats and politicians who have already plundered Pakistan? This budget is based on deficit of Rs3437 billions for which Government will take $13.15 billion debts in the next year. Economic experts encode further debts in budget so that nation may remain in debt trap. We have paid many times more money than actual debts yet due to compounding interests (usury) the principle amount rather more is still there. Are the people of Pakistan and developing countries borne to die with debts?

Wise people say value of currency is worth of state when currency devaluates everything falls. Are endless debts, inflation, social injustices, unemployment, white collar crimes, diseases, locust swarms, Covid-19 pandemic, economic meltdown, freaking thermal runaways are the Nexis Nexus for South Asia? When disease considers you all one specie then why you go after racial discrimination? Does corona spare high cost Hindu in India and Syed in Pakistan? When you will come of age?

I am seeing a cat outside my sitting room. I do not keep pets in home yet this cat has become my friend by force. Her mother used to live in street and I started feeding her when a motor cyclist killed her mother. Now she has raised already two generations of her own kittens that also move around. It is 11:30 PM and she is sitting there looking at me to give her something to eat. She is making me ashamed that she relies on my charity, but I have forgotten the God who had created me.

Natural disasters, climate changes and foreign invaders drive India and Pakistan with same stick yet they both append more efforts on blaming and damaging each other. They leave no opportunity to defame each other instead of brainstorming how to sort out their mutual disputes.

India and Pakistan both, rather all the SAARC countries, are suffering from locust swarms, Covid-19 disease and global warming yet there is no comprehensive forum on how to compete with regional and global disasters. They get together once in SAARC headquarters but end up in hot exchanges.

When will our leaders wake up to learn how to worth and live together? When our leaders and our bureaucrats will become of age to find sustainable solutions for their minor conflicts? Western world will never waste their time on arbitrating their issues rather they will use these differences for their vested interests. They will supply weapons to both to keep the fire burning!

They spend their tax payers’ money on social security, health, education, research and development, and we waste in paying debts, buying weapons and explosives against each other. Everybody is on learning curve and our time to learn co-existence is running out. We have to learn how to break corrupt synergic ecosystems making us both poorer and poorer.

It is time to stop across border firings to fight against locust swarms. It is time to stop conspiracies against each other to do collective research against Covid-19. Let us stop blame games and start developing new indigenous solutions against rapidly rising global warming. This subcontinent has previously been ruled by tens of civilizations for 100s and 1000s of years. Inhabitants of this subcontinent have long history of sufferings. It is time to promote prosperity to heal their deeper wounds.

Locust infestation has caused RS 1000 billion economic losses by attacking 62 districts in Pakistan. NDMA has set up more than 1135 teams to cope with locust in 53 districts on 543,000-hectare food crops. NDMA sprays 5700 hectare crops every day. Locust is likely to cause food crisis in South Asia.

NDMA has surveyed 24-million-hectare area and sprayed chemicals on 496,700-hectare area. NDMA carried out controlled operation on 2775 km2 area in Baluchistan, 1489 km2 in Punjab, 403 km2 in KP and 300 km2 in Sindh. NDMA is using tractors, airplanes and helicopters to spray insecticides. India is using drones to spray insecticides on locust swarms.

Locust attacked Pakistan first time in 1952 and second time in 1962. Locust attacked third time in 1970s and fourth time 1990s. Locust swarms attacked again after 27 years in 2019 that continued in 2020. Locust is currently attacking in 30 countries in three regions. Western region consists of Ethiopia, Somalia and Sudan, central region consists of Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, and eastern region consists of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Locust attack on India/Pakistan can cause food crises.

Locust is starts from Africa, traverses through middle east to South Asia and returns back on same course. Locust used to reach middle east every year where hot sand deserts used to block it. Since Saudi Arabia has started agriculture on bank of Red Sea the locust finds food to reach to India and Pakistan through Iran and Afghanistan. It reached in Sindh during last monsoon that helped locust regenerate. Pakistan has spent RS 20 billion on pesticides to kill locust swarms [Ahsan 2020].

Pakistan has rented four airplanes from Turkey to spray pesticides. Local experts are developing spray machines and chemicals. British company used to make pesticides against locust that is not functioning well due to Covid-19 pandemic. NDMA has asked DPP, MNSFA and agriculture universities to advise, as the Supreme Court has taken notice. Pesticide companies do RS 80 billion business in Pakistan.

WHO has warned Pakistan against locust attacks and Covid-19 well in time. Pak-India border districts face regenerative locust attacks. Covid-19 pandemic taking lives of people and healthcare workers due to loose lockdown. Zombie fires in Siberia raise temperatures and GHG emissions. End of lockdown in many countries resumes GHG emissions and air pollutions. Considering elders burden on society, economy and health system is a negative initiative.

As you sow, so shall you reap. West enslaved black Africans and started human trade in earlier centuries. In the wake of George Floyd’s racial discrimination riots the angry protestors toppled down Christopher Columbus’s statue who discovered America, Edward Colston’s statue who started black African slavery and Jefferson Davis’s statues who was confederate president. In ground black and white protestors are smashing statues of American Heroes from sky a lightning bolt struck on Washington monument on next day. There is a saying troubles come in pairs like locust and coronavirus in Asia. Oriental culture in Asia and kissing culture in West has given buck and boost to covid-19 disease.

Gregarious locust swarms have been ruining crops in Africa (Egypt) and Europe (Italy) since ancient times. Locust outbreaks in 1875 in America, 2003 in Africa, and 2020 in Asia is wiping out trees, food and fruit crops. Bubonic plague of 541-544 in Roman Empire, Black Death of 1347-1352 in Europe, Great Plague of London in 1665-1666 and 1894-1900 killed millions worldwide. SARS-CoV in 2003, MERS-CoV in 2013 and Covid-19 pandemics in 2020 have wreaked havoc everywhere.


Thawing ice sheets in Arctic Circle and Antarctica are signs of warming weathers ahead. Zombie fires in Siberia, rising forest fires in Australia and escalating temperatures are signs of sultry spells. Rising heat levels in Siberia may be estimated from 80-degrees temperature on 29 May 2020 that is 21 degrees greater than historic average of 49 degrees. Retreating Antarctica, melting Arctic circle and holdover fires point to looming thermal runaway.

Covid-19 deaths reached to 100,000 in United States on 27 May 2020. The total number of Covid-19 cases reached exceeded 6 million worldwide, out of which 1.8 million cases are in United States alone. Brazil, Russia, Spain, UK, Italy and France are the most infected countries. Emergence of coronavirus in China and its transmission to half a world away, USA, shows how deeply we are all connected.

We live in an interconnected world. A scent droplet in air spreads everywhere like an ink droplet in water. Kinetic dynamics and diffusion processes distribute concentrated materials and species globally to establish a uniform equilibrium. Spread of Covid-19 pandemic, rise of GHG emissions, air pollutions and ocean contaminations are relatively recent examples of our global links.

SARS-CoV-2 virus, causing Covid-19 Pandemic, jumped to first human in China in middle of October and November 2019. By 19 January 2020, covid-19 cases were only 198 in China, 2 in  Thailand and 1 in japan, which by 24 January 2020 increased to 1287 in China, 5 in Thailand, 2 in Japan, 2 in Vietnam, 2 in USA, 2 in South Korea, 3 in France and 1 in Nepal. By 29 January 2020, total cases increased to 7711 in China, 8 in Japan, 14 in Thailand, 2 in Vietnam, 7 in Australia, 4 in Germany, 5 in France, 1 in Nepal, 1 in Finland, 3 in Canada and 5 in USA. Today covid-19 disease has reached every country on planet.

Global spread of covod-19 disease shows how deeply we are interconnected. We have divided ourselves in different races and countries but infectious and contagious disease viruses and bacteria treat us all as one specie. Air exhaled through lungs of an untouchable is breathed by high caste Hindu. Water passed through stomach of a black person goes to mouth of a white person. We hate or love one another, we all have to live and die on the same planet.

In the presence of social injustices, corrupt mindsets, classy cultures, feudalism, nepotism, bigotry, racism and trade mafias we cannot compete the fast moving world. We have to be mature and maturity does not come by age. Mental maturity comes when we are able to distinguish between desires and needs. To become mature minded we to fight with ourselves, not others.

Greed and lust are diseases, more deadly than coronavirus. Covid-19 has imparted us a few hundred billion loss and corrupt politicians have done Rs. 30,000 billion losses. Imran Khan came to improve corrupt system but he had to take more loans to pay the interests accrued on earlier debts.

We all are in debt trap and need an out of box solution to unlock the debt trap.

Source:Ocnus.net 2020

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