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Analyses Last Updated: Feb 26, 2021 - 12:19:41 PM

The Doomsday Machines: Isms and Tions
By Dr. Nasrullah Khan, Comsats, 25/2/21
Feb 26, 2021 - 12:18:47 PM

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Usury driven capitalism and deregulation systems are doomsday machines.


Suffices isms (capitalism, socialism, communism) and tions (privatization, deregulation, globalization) are social, cultural and economic machines – same as atomic, chemical and biochemical weapons - which have potential capability to destroy human civilization on planet.

We have six types natural, human, social/cultural, scientific, material, and financial capitals. These six capitals can be used as foundation capitals to maintain society or growth capitals for the expansion of population and their consumptions. Human race has been preserving foundation capital in ancient times and depleting some on expanding growth in middle ages, compared to rampant rise in last century.

Wise healthy societies know free markets and uncontrolled consumption is suicide. Economic growth, population explosion and unrestrained consumption has led us all to climate change, air pollution, heat and cold waves. Complex secret societies wasted lot of capital in building pyramids, cathedrals and great monuments. Big societies, with complex structures and technologies, are doomsday machines which take time to reflect damages done to themselves [Richard 2021].

We have gone from “war of words” to “scuffle of systems”. Capitalism and communism use inflation and unemployment to survive and thrive. Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite. (John Kenneth). Capitalism helps people come with creative ideas yet it leaves generations and generations slave to system. Pakistan was in credit in 1947 and Rs45 trillion debts in 2021. The IPPs have overcharged trillions to electricity consumers in last two decades.

I never borrowed any loan from any country yet I am indebted to Rs175,000 to IMF, World Bank, Paris Club and Asian Development Banks. Our future generations will continue paying the never ending debts and their compound interests which spiral over time. What is fault of innocent children borne to families in Kashmir and Palestine? They and their children will die slave there?

Mahatir Muhammad used to say privatization, deregulation, globalization and internationalization are good for developed countries dealing in usury based financial systems but not good for the developing countries. Western experts tailor health, education, business and finance systems through their dual national agents who rewire the system against local interests.

Developing countries practice capitalism and communism leading to debts serving and global warming crises whereas Allah has given us neat and clean system in harmony with nature. Being part of a colossal ruthless usury based system, it is hard to survive. PPP, PML and PTI have topped up debts to 15, 28 and 45 trillion rupees and new normal is take 15 trillion loans to serve 10 trillion old debts.

The social, religious and political systems have divided poor communities into zillions of groups to enslave them. World 2% elites use 18% pagans to drive 80% poor folks. Farmers and workers produce foods, fruits, milks, meats and wide range of industrial products but 50% of them have no access to clean water, health and education facilities. They wear throngs and live in thatched roof homes. They can hardly make the both ends meet in fair weather and succumb to death during calamities.

Energy and power rates spiked from 1000 to 10,000% of normal prices during winter storm, when people were dying of cold in their own bed rooms. Texas is awash with energy reserves but free market economy model doomed the Texans. Had their grid been connected to Eastern and Western power grids they might have survived more than five dozen lives and seven dozen billions economic losses.

Human civilization has lived through long Stone (2.5 MYA – 5.0 kYA) Age and Dark (500 -1500 AD) Ages before reaching to Modern Times. Europe became dark after end of Roman Empire until enlightenment movement, science and industrial revolutions a few centuries ago.


Prophets eras consist of Judaism (24th BC), Christianity (1 BC) and Islam (610 CE). Quran (Muhammad) verifies Psalms (David), Torah (Moses) and Bible (Messiah) to be words of Allah and asks their believers to follow the Islam. Muslims consider rise of Islam to be source of light on planet. Islam banned usury, alcohol, adultery and urged trade. Islam started women and human rights initiatives. Islam banned alive girls burial culture and encouraged manumission of slaves to seek pleasure of Allah.


Western countries considered women as trade objects in Dark Ages [Skirda, 2010] and consider them advertisement models today [Peterson 1977]. They used to sell their women to Africans and Arab Jews for food and gold items under slave trade systems in Dark and Middle Ages (8th to 12th centuries). Women trade continued from Dark Ages to recent past (17th – 18th centuries) [Davis 2004, Skirda 2010].


Human trade, especially women and children, was common in Dark and Middle Ages. The Dark Ages were dark for Europe and Golden Age for Arab Jews who had established trade networks from Europe, Asia and Africa. Adult male/female slaves varied from 1.5 ounces of gold (or six cows) in Dark Ages and $170 to $343 a few centuries ago [Peter, 1999].


Jean-Léon Gérôme (1884) and Giulio Rosati (1858) paintings show how naked white women were portrayed in slave markets [Ann 2021]. However, slavery has survived in the form of concubines and eunuchs in Muslim World and black slaves in Western World until few centuries ago [Emmet 2017]. If history is mirror image of past, then women in TV Ads are a new form of slave trade.


“Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of Religion” said William Blake, in The Marriage of Heaven with Hell. Women give birth to men who disgrace them in name of trade, religion and business. Women have been suffering from Dark Ages to Modern Times. Long exposure to stresses created a genetic change in female folks to accept their use in advertisements as profitable profession.



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Source:Ocnus.net 2021

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