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Analyses Last Updated: Jan 8, 2018 - 11:35:23 AM

The Greenhouse and the Whitehouse Effects
By Dr Nasrullah Khan Kalair, Comsats Institute of Information Technology(Pak.), 6/1/18,
Jan 8, 2018 - 11:34:11 AM

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The greenhouse effect is a natural process by which radiation from planet’s atmosphere warms the surface to a temperature above what it would be without it’s atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is a life sustaining effect, which raises earth’s natural temperature from -18C to +14 to +15C. However, the greenhouse affect, depending upon composition of gases, may lead to Thermal Runaway.

Whitehouse effect is opposite to the greenhouse. Whitehouse is supposed to promote peace and liberty using its economy, technology and military muscles. Ultimate whitehouse effect depends on the type of incumbents, like the green gases. Cliff Hanger defines it as an ,” internal combustion resulting in the erosion of intelligence, what commonsensical folk call the whitehouse effect.” [Cliff 2006].

The greenhouse effect and the whitehouse effect are two sides of the same coin. The atmospheric heating effect was discovered by Joseph Fourier in 1824, experimentally tested by John Tyndall in 1859, theorized by Svante Arrhenius in 1896, and called Greenhouse Effect by Nils Gustaf Ekholm in 1901.

Whitehouse was built using Aquila Creek sanstone. It was painted white and used as metonym for the president and his advisers in 1800. British Army set ablaze in 1812, and was rebuilt in 1824 (South portico) and 1929 (North portico). President Theodore Roosevelt occupied the whitehouse in 1901.

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon and the whitehouse effect is a man made genius. Observations show the greenhouse effect controls global temperature and whitehouse effect influences global peace. Human activities drive the greenhouse effect and American voters empower the whitehouse. It is a powerhouse, which authorizes U.S. Pesident to affect global geopolitics.

The New York Times tried to explain the difference between whitehouse and greenhouse effects on May 9, 1989, ''Those who think we are powerless to do anything about the greenhouse effect forget about the 'White House effect'. Bush said on it (global warming) in Michigan on Aug. 31. The threat is clear enough, even though experts disagree on how immediate it is.” [NY Times 1989].

The earlier President, Barak Obama, signed Paris Accord to slow down climate change by energy transition policy, but current President Trump reversed his one decade’s work in first 100 days.


Global warming and terrorism are the biggest challenges the world faces today. Greenhouse effect drives global warming and the whitehouse effect steers terror campaigns by occupying foreign lands. Human activities cause the greenhouse effect and Trump’s tweets give nuclear threats. At beginning of new year, the American Presidents used to give Happy New Year messages to world, and Trump started following self explanatory tweets

Trump tweeted at 5:42PM on January 1, 2018, “The United States has foolishly given Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in aid over the last 15 years, and they have given us nothing but lies & deceit, thinking of our leaders as fools. They give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help. No more!”

President Trump responded to Kim Jong Un by tweeting, “Will someone from his depleted and food starved regime please inform him that I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

American journalist, Robert Reich, tweeted at 7:40PM on January 2018,” This madman is still the single most powerful person on the planet, with the ability to order the destruction of the world in just over four minutes.”

The President, Donald Trump, is not a dangerous man, real dangers are his Indian and Israeli origin officials and advisers, who use the White House to revenge their own enemies. Americans may use the foreign origin people in labor, medical, science and engineering fields, not in bureaucracy. 

Pakistan is not angry with Trump for discontinuing coalition support as America has been doing so in past. America stopped aid in 1970s, resumed in 1980s to use manpower, discontinued in 1990s after collapse of USSR, resumed in 2000s after 9/11 and discontinued now in 2018. America owes to pay $10 billion under coalition support fund. America spent $33 billion through her NGOs out of which 13 billion were taken back through advisors.

Pakistan has many options against USA, freeze of discontinuation of transport route, but will not use it as America has done no harm except stopping aid. Pakistan will continue its fight at its own expenses against terrorism on principles. Trump is not aware of ground realities, the America has been giving green signal to Indian Raw to launch terror campaign in Pakistan. 

Trump might not believe several Butts in Gujranwala celebrated his victory. However, radical groups believe if war against Russian occupants is Jihad, then it is also Jihad to remove American occupants. It is you, who forced Zia ul Haque to introduce Jihadi literature in Madrassa curriculum to use them against Soviet Union in 1980s. Pakistan is facing the aftermath of your mistakes.

Pakistan is trying to normalize the zillions who have grown up with Jihadi mindset. Pakistan needs support and time to rationalize the things to docile future generations. If you continue patronaging Indian Raw to supply them explosives and dollars then will keep the fire burning. We have lost lives of more than 60,000 people. Can any country allow death of 60,000 citizens for $20 billion?

If there is any hope, dear American Voters and respectable parliamentarian, you are it, who can relieve the world by impeaching this doodad . World community respects President Trump for being the choice of American voters. Steve Bannon’s bombshell book, Fire & Fury, tells why Trump Tower Meeting was treasonous act [Kevin 2017]. Global establishments are urged to conduct psychosomatic tests of their stooges and avoid at least dementia patients.

When it comes to wisdom world community refers to sayings of Abraham Lincon, Barak Obama and Hillary Clincton, and when it comes to rhetorics, media uses a flab mac wearing red necktie and brown hair to giggle and double up. World community thinks of Trump to be an icon of insanity, especially, when he doubles down climate change and nuclear war.

Trump’s climate change denial and energy transition reversal are negative policies against the planet. Thermohaline circulations transport green gases from America to Europe and Asia. Sea level rise, heat waves, hurricanes in southeast and snow storms in northeast may water down the empire.

Atlantic and Pacific Oceans are lurking around to overwhelm you all around. Your real enemy is ocean water, not humans. You live half-a-world away from the rest of world and launch terror war against nations which can not even reach you. Vetnam and Afghanistan are history of your victories, Iraq, Lybia and Syria are ruins of your demolitions.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said, ”the Islamic State has emerged in Afghanistan in the past three to four years under the watch of US military and intelligence agencies. In an interview with Russia Today in London, Karzai said he has more than suspicions that US bases in Afghanistan are used to aid the IS. "I get daily reports by the Afghan people that unmarked military helicopters supply the IS in many parts of Afghanistan," he claimed [IANS, 2017].

Reagon forced dictator Zial ul Haque to change curriculum in religious Madrassa to promote Jihad to defeat Russia on religious grounds. Bush forced military dictator Pervez Musharff to kill all the radical groups in Pak-Afghan precincts and nudged Indian Raw to give them weapons and dollars to carry out terrorism in Pakistan. You have long history of using military dictators for your evil missions, but world has understands your human rights and democracy weapons.

CIA imported ISIS from Peninsula Arabian and Indian Raw used these terrorists to keep the fire burning in Pak-Afghan precincts. Mr Trump you has insulted Pakistan’s sacrifices against terrorism. There can not be any price of the sacrifices rendered by allies. You neither an ally nor a friend, you are foe.

You blamed Pakistan to have taken $33 billion  and gave lies & deceits in return. American spent trillions of dollars in Afghanistan and could not control more than 55% of country. Pakistan got just 1% coalition support fund ($20 billion), $10 billion still pending, and cleared Pak-Afghan precincts killing thousands of foreign terrorists recovering tons of explosives.

America might have been paying zillions of dollars to elites to assist her and keep silent on the follies, the general public got nothing. Media is demanding incumbents to publish a white paper to explain who got the dollars and where spent it, if any. We know US aid goes to NGOs who spend it as per US social engineering policies in forein lands.

Indian Raw used American presence in Afghanistan to revenge Pakistan using FATA, Aghan, Tajic and Uzbig origin terrorists. World did not believe us until Pakistani Army arrested Indian Army Officer Kulboshan operating terror network in Baluchistan. India Raw issued him Hussain named Passport from Indian Passport Office to hide his fake identity. He learnt Baluchi and Sindhi to ignite fire in Baluchistan and Karachi. His mission was to disrupt CPEC and was arrested in Chaman Baluchistan.

India is using your patronage in Afghanistan to launch terror war in Baluchistan and Karachi, as earlier Raw used USSR backing to launch terror campaign in 1980s. World community considers ISIS, Boko Haram and TTP type groups controlled by IAIA (Indian, American and Israeli Alliance). You know history the Afghanistan is graveyard of civilizations. Alexander, Chander Gupt Moria, Aryans and Mongols attacked and died there. British Empire escaped as it did not go ahead. American soldiers do not want to get back as most of them are now addicted to free drugs. 

According to the latest report 20 terror groups in 1098 attacks killed 7456 people in 2017. Al-Shabab killed 962 people in 75 attacks in Somalia, Al-Qaeda killed 183 people in 50 attacks, Boko Haram killed 680 people in 98 attacks in Nigeria, ISIS killed 3193 people in 405 attacks, PKK killed 59 people in 40 attacks in Turkey and Iraq, Talibans killed 1049 people in 97 attacks, and rest of terrorist organizations in Kongo, Ukrine, Philpines, Mexico, India, Tunis KSA and USA killed 1016 people in 307 attacks worldwide. No terrorist group accepted responsibility of 26 attacks which killed 314 people in 2017 [Syed 2018].

World community considers you a colossal killing machine, which supports conducting suicide attacks on schools, hospitals, mosques, churches and funeral prayers. World fears from you as wise people fear from the mad drunk man in street for their own respect. World community has shown her reservations on your policies during Jerosalem vote.

UN Generall Assembly, on 21 June 2017, rejected Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. No county on planet, except few Islands, endorse Trump’s illegal and immoral decision [Nicole 2017]. America was, and is, a great country, but Trump seems intended to limit it. White House spokesperson, Ms Halley,saidwe will remember the countries which voted against America. Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen and Iran had called emegenccy session after Trump vetoed UN Resolution three days ago. UN Decision shows the good is still stronger than evil [Al Jazira2017].Trump’s climate change denial, energy transition reversal and coal power in presence of cheaper solar and wind power options in 100 days and Trump’s retreat from refugee convention, recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and aid disconnection threatsbeyond 100 days show Trump has taken America into unusual times.

According to CNN, “President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday, December 6, 2017, announcing plans to relocate US Embassy there. Trump's decision upended seven decades of US foreign policy that has resisted recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital before the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is resolved [Jeremy 2017]. According to the New York Times, “ U.N., European Union and Pope criticized Trump’s Jerusalem announcement. A chorus of international leaders criticized the Trump administration’s decision on Wednesday to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, calling it a dangerous disruption that contravenes United Nations resolutions and could inflame one of the world’s thorniest conflicts.Secretary General AntónioGuterres and Pope Francis both expressed alarm that the announcement would provoke new tensions in the Holy City, which is revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims” [Jason 2017].
According to FirstPost, “Arab leaders, United Nations, Europe and China condemn Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital. Arabs and Muslims across West Asia on Wednesday condemned the US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital as an incendiary move in a volatile region and Palestinians said Washington was abandoning its leading role as a peace mediator. The European Union and United Nations also voiced alarm at US president Donald Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and its repercussions for any chances of reviving Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking. United Nations had declared Jerusalem a Corpus separatum. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said there was no alternative to a two-state solution and Jerusalem was a final-status matter only to be settled through direct talks. France rejected the “unilateral” decision while appealing for calm in the region. British Prime Minister Theresa May disagreed with Trump’s embrace of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital before a final-status agreement as this was unlikely to help nurture peace in the region” [Firstpost 2017].
America is destroying great peninsula Arabia to for a cursed tiny state of Israel for his own gain. America created Israel from Palestine in 1948 as Pakistan was created out of Hisdustan in 1947. America used the Israel to control Peninsula Arabia as she used the Pakistan to defeat Soviet Union. Palestine is a land of prophets between Egypt and Lebanon. ProphitYaqub, prophitYousef, prophitdaud, prophitSulaiman, prophitYehya, prophitmusa and prophitEisa were borne in Palistine. History tells the prophit Abraham migrated to this land in 2000BC and settled near Euphrateriver. He settled his elder son prophitIshaq in Palestine and younger son Ismael in Mecca. ProphitIshaq’s son prophitYaqub  is also called Israel. God regarded the followers of prophitYaqub (Bani Israel) as beloved community, but cursed them due to their repeated disobedience. Signs of Ibrani community are found in Palestine since 1100BC when Bani Israel prophit Samuel ruled this place. Later prophitDaud ruled this region who was followed by prophitSulaiman after which united Israeli tribes were split into Samria and Yehodia states whom King Nasar of Babul conquered in 598BC and put them in jail. They were set free again, when Iranian Emperor Khasro conquered the Babul. Alexander the Great conquered jarusalem again in 332BC. Last prophit Muhammad revealed the Israeli community will find no place and shelter anywhere on planet due to curse of God for their repeated disobedience. Trump’s attempt to declare Jarusalem as capital of Israel will render America a cursed state for trying to undo God’s will. Trump’s idea of uniting Christians, Jews and Muuslims through Jarusalem will end up in fuel on fire. After Trump’s announcement “angry Palestinians switched off Christmas lights at Jesus’ traditional birthplace in the West Bank town of Bethlehem and in Ramallah. A tree adorned with lights outside Bethlehem’s Church of the Nativity, where Christians believe Jesus was born, and another in Ramallah, next to the grave of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, were plunged into darkness [Reuter, 2017].

Trump’s decision has sparked protests in Islamic world andcondemnations from civilized world. America used terror war to ruin Islamic countries and black list almost all Islamic Movements. Muslim countries were thinking to cross the Rubicon from extreme to liberal positions in world arena, but this decision has forced them to analyze global matters in the light of new ground realities. American foreign policy is based on pleasing Israel and India rather than adhering to UN charters. UN has declared the holy city of Jarusalem to be Corpus Separatum due to shared reverence of Jews, Christians and Muslims which Trump unilaterally has recognized as the capital of Israel.
According Andrew’s book “The Synagogues of Satan” an octopus type devel group is responsible for all the bloodshed on planet, which forces the world to dance on his fingers like monkey. Tex Morse writes in its preface that CIA controls all terrorist organizations and horror networks like Boko Haram, ISIS, TTP, Al-Qaede, Mossad, NDS and RAW. Mossad’s denier Astrowski had pointed out greater Israel conspiracy in his book “The Other Side of Deception” by predicting US Attack on Iraq in 1990s to pave the way for greater Israel. Senior Bush attacked Iraq in 1990s and junior Bush attacked Iraq in 2005. American terror war has ruined all Islamic countries from Iraq and Lybia to Syria. Trump himself said the middle east was much better before start of terror war. 

In last two weeks alone 200 people were killed in Nigeria, 300 in Egypt, 175 in Afghanistan, 165 in Syria, 87 in Iraq and 50 in Pakistan. Israel and India are blades of this killing machine powered by America. Let the sun shine in Palestine and Kashmir. Palestine and Kashmir are two largest jails on the planet in which millions of men, women and children are locked in their homes at their own land to live for whole life. One generation died waiting justice and second generation is dying with a hope to get liberation.

One million people died during partition of Hindustan, 70,000 Kashmiris died during last 70 years due to incomplete division and 60,000 Pakistanis died in ongoing Terror War in last 16 years. UK and USA are responsible for the death of 1,130,000 people in South Asia and zillions in Middle East.

China offered to arbitrate solution of Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan. America rehearsed old position that India and Pakistan should sort out their mutual conflicts themselves through dialogue. Farooq Abdullah asked India and Pakistan to accept Chinese arbitration and American dialogue proposalsfor solution of Kashmir conflict, which India refused awfully.

Kashmir is a 100% Muslim population area, which wants to join Pakistan. Continued genocides, rape and crimes in Kashmir led to a relentless uprising. India deployed 500,000 police, rangers and military battalions to overcome uprising by firing pallets and chemical gases. The situation is worsening day by day. Indian army kills people to frighten Kashmiries, which reignites the revenge in heart of Kashmiries.

Kashmiri and Palestinians have been enduring Indian and Israeli atrocities and genocides since 1948. There are many commonalities between occupied people and occupant forces.  India and Israel occupied their lands, waters and resources. Kashmiri and Palestinians blame UK, USA and UNO for shutting their eyes and ears on continued violation of their natural human rights.

Kashmir and Palestine are the largest jails on planet in which owners of lands along with their women and children were house arrested seven decades ago..Many children were borne slave in last seven decades in these lands who lived, endured tortures and died. They are fighting with deadly armed forces using stones and pebbles hoping God to help them out.

Indian and Israeli camaraderie is based on their alikeenimities against Muslims and amity with America. American President George W Bush called them natural bedfellows due to their similar positions against Kashmiri and Palestian people. Indian Hindus and Israeli Jews are gradually grabbing their remaing lands by new settlements and injuring their emotions by banning Azzan (call for prayer).

Zillions of Kashmiri and Palestinian men, women and children are waiting British, American and Muslim leaders to give them their human rights. I wonder how the christianscollars, warriers and leaders will face the Mary, Jusus and God when THEY will ask them to apprise their position for keeping heart, mind, eyes and ears closed on screeming women and weaping children in Kashmir and Palestine.

It would be hard for British, American and Muslim leaders to justify their forgiveness on Judgement Day if China and Russia rise first to librate Kashmiri and Palestinian victims. When God wills He uses dismal enties to overwhelm the superpowers. We all have to follow the historic path tomorrow on which pharaohs, Romans and Moguls gone already.

There was day before which there was no day and there would a day after which there would be no day. British and America leaders have the chance to clean their past by liberating Kashmiri and Palestinian women and children today which opportunity may not be available tomorrow.

Nature gives opportunity but does not wait your decision. Muslims have started uniting through Islamic Nato and Christians are disintegrating by Brexit, Frexit and Grexit movements.  Trump has already asked European Union to afford their own expenses. World is heading towards endless wars.

Modi and Netanyahu are both extremist leaders. America is arming their nation states against Muslims, déjà vu,Jihadis, Al-Qaede, Boko Haram and ISIS mightboomeranging  the masters. If India can cheat Russia then why not America?Trump said ISIS was brainchild of earlier American President and Secretary of State. Pakistan is fighting Indian fired survival war.
India helped out rebellions in East Pakistan to segregate Bangladesh in 1971 as America is helping out rebellions in Syria. India occupied SiachenGlachiers in 1980s and Sir Creek swamps in 1990s as America occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. Indian RAW carried out terrorism in 1980s with patronage of USSR and in 2000s with blessings of USA. India is behind allsuicide and car bombincidences in Pakistan.

Pakistani security agencies arrested Indian serving Navy Officer Col Kulboshan in Gawader region operating Indian terror networks. Military court awarded him death punishment under Army Act 1923 on 10 March 2017. After death sencetence the Indian RAW abducted a retired Pakistani Col from Nepal to bring Pakistan on negociating table.  Indian RAW has spread her tenticles from Nepal to Afghanistan and beyond in SAARC countries. India may use thisretired military officer in any future false flag incidence, as she used AjmalKasab in Bombay attack, who was also abducted from Nepal.

Indian terror networks and water weapons have made it an ongoing war which cannot stop without liberation of occupied Kashmir.  Indian occupied Kashmir is located between India, China and Pakistan. It is feared the continued triffles may not escalate to nuclear flash. India has started an infinite dams building programs on rivers flowing into Pakistan. Indian Prime Minister violates Indus Treaty and openly threatens rerouting of rivers to starve Pakistan.

Pakistan claims Kashmir to be her jugular vein and India renders it her fait accompli. Kashmiri Muslims want to join Pakistan and India fires pallet on them for celebrating Pakistan’s national days. On 23 March 2017 India arrested Khuriat Movement leaders to not let them celebrate Pakistan Day. Being muslim the Kashmiri have same festivals as Pakistanis. India has killed over 80,000 Kashmiri men, women and children for demanding the right of self determination [Kalair, 2016].

United Nations promised plebiscite to Kasmiris in 1948, which was never granted them in last seven decades. In recent election, held in Kashmir on 11 April 2017, more than 95% Kashmiri boycotted the election which is a clear referendum against Indian occupation. Indian Army fires pallets on protestors and let them die without medical aid.

Pakistan reiterates moral and diplomatic support for Kashmiri people and India tries to link this liberation movement to terrorism.  India tries to link western rivers flowing into Pakistan to hydroelectricity to diffuse the matter and Pakistan considers it her natural right. The history of Indus river is older than inception of Hinduism in the Indus Valley [Kalair, 2012].

Indian attempt to starve Pakistan by building Buglihar, Krishan Ganga, Ratle, PakalDul, Lower Kulnai and Myar dams on river Chenab and Jhelum are gross violation of Indus Treaty backed by the World Bank. The largest proposed Sawalkote Dam has the 1856MW power generation capacity [Reuters, 2017]. India has announced an other plan of dozens of dams on western rivers.  India has revealed intention to reroute waters flowing into Pakistan [Zafar, 2016; Paul 2016].
Pakistan’s dams on the Indus and Jhelum are already at a dead level of 1380 feet since 17 March 2017 and construction of Indian six-hydro project will force Pakistan to break dams or occupy Kashmir along with dams [APP, 2017]. Run of river dams was not originally included in the Indus Water Treaty the Pakistan allowed India to use small scale run of river plants, in Indus Treaty, for local use not to build large power plants. Modi’s open threat to reroute western rivers is mandate for nowhere.
Pakistan used to support Kashmiri movement in 1990s, but current freedom movement is an indigenous Kashmiri struggle to join Pakistan. If you look aerial view the Indian occupied Kashmir looks natural part of Pakistan.  History of Indus River is older than the evolution of Hinduism in South Asia.  Rivers united the Arab, Persian and central Asian civilizations in the Indus Valley. Modi wants to reverse 10,000 year history by stopping and diverting the natural flow of waters.  Hindu extremists are awakening the sleeping giant which can ruin India from Madras to Bombay in seconds. 
Modi’s vision to transform multicultural, secular India into the extremist Hindutva state will be mandated to mutually assured destruction (MAD).  American has long experience of using the extremists of other religions and races against his own enemies. America used fundamentalists in the Islamic world to defeat the Soviet Union and next will try to use Hindu extremists against China. Modi is the ideal instrument to lead Hindu extremists against his own enemies.
A long journey from mire, fire and wire has taken us to death of debate and end of logic. Hindo extremists never protested on slaughtering cows during Muslim and British Rules. Coming of extremist prime minister is signal of pushing poor minorities into deep dark tunnel. Widespread atrocities and genocides in Kashmire are conducted by military, police and radical groups.

Indian death/life sentence law on eating cow meat is mandate to nowhere. On rife rapes and riots on cow meat the Indian parliamentary leader, JiaBachen,  asked Hindu extremists to protect women not cows.Race and faith based survival is result of nether creation nor evolution.

Plants, animals and humans are three forms of life on the planet.  Plants live on light, water and nutrients whereas animals on water, meat and vegetation. Humans live on both plants as well as animals.  Life thrives on life as energy on energy.  A few genres are born to kill and otherspeciescreated as cuisines. Lions, wolves and hyenas are born to kill and dears, goats and cattle are borninsipid to be hunted.Wild animals hunt in groups and bland herds run away in ruts.

Mankind has learnt from nature, which is based on “might is right”. Wild killing machines live in groups and wishy-washy hunts run for individual survival. A group of buffalos in Africa learnt hunting lions in groups and defeated the lions. Mother animals often fight back to stronger animals to defend their infants. Wild animals kill other animals’ cubs to feed their own siblings. British kingsattackedMiddle East, Africa, America and India to feed their own children.

Indus valleyhas been a battlefield since ancient times between local and foreign invaders. Aryans, Romans, Arabs, Mongolians, Moguls and BritishattackedHindustanone after the other.Original owners of this land were low caste untouchables in India and Darawars in Pakistan who live in these two countries like the Red Indians in America.

Muslims monarchs and Moguls ruled India for 1000 years during which swarms of local people accepted Islam. Sufi saints used to influence local people by leading a pios life among them. After sufi saints the illiterate people started expecting their tombs as source of blessings. Descendents of these Sufis saints made their graves a source of income.  Blue blood sit in chair and visitors donate money with hope of virtual help which never comes.

East India Company conquered India in 1847 and ruled for 100 years. Hindus and Muslims struggled for independence from British Rule in which they succeeded in 1947. Muslims and Hindus have lived together under Mogul and British Rule for centuries behaving like two different nations due to their separate beliefs, cultures, civilizations and heroes. Hindu extremist leader Shiva Geelauncheda bigotedmovement against Muslims in 1875.

First Hindi Movement started in 1847 from Banaras when the British Raj introduced Urdu as official language in India instead of earlier Persian and Hindi languages. Hindu extremist Swami Dianund Sarsvati started Aria Smaj Movement in 1875 topersuade Hindus to abide by their own religious mores which marked the first dividing line. He started Ghano Rakhsha Movement in 1882 in Bombay, which still continues in name of Ghano-Mata and Gau-Shalla under which slaughtering cows for meat is not permitted which Muslims consider legal according to their religious tenets. Regular fights among Hindu and Muslim erupted country wide.

This school of thought started the Shudhi Movement in 1920 to convert Muslims into Hindu by force which created social issues for the incumbent government. Dr Casho Billi Ram founded Extremist Organization Rashteria Savik Singh (RSS) in 1925 to remove signs of Muslim Rulers by force. This organization attacked on Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Hiderabad for demand of Pakistan. This extremist organization later smashed Babri Mosque, carried out Gujrat and Train incidences and Bombay attack after partition.  The RSS supported its distinguished extremist worker Narinder Modi to become Prime Minister of India who supports RSS extremists to higher political positions.

Hindu movements and their extremist manifestoes provided rock-solid reasons to Muslim leaders for demanding a separate homeland. Muhammad Ali Jinnah advocated the case of two nation theory on the basis of separate cultures and civilizations which was accepted worldwide. The Indian Communist Party endorsed this theory whose leaders waskilled by Hindu extremists after partition.

A Sikh politician Jaswant Singh, in his book, paid attributes of wisdom of Muhammad Ali Jinnah for getting rid of India. Muslim League started demand of a separate state in 1916, passed a Resolution of Pakistan on 23 March 1940 and got separate state “Pakistan” on 14 August 1947. Kashmir issue remained unresolved at the time of partition which is the major bone of contention between India and Pakistan today.

Media advises India and Pakistan to take pity on their people by sitting down together to resolve mutual conflicts. America is continuously equipping India with deadly weapons which is not good for peace.Powerful nations, which divide others to rule,will never let them unite.  If Hindu and Muslims had not united they would have not got independence from UK.  Evolution of extremism in politics is beginning of dark times ahead. Do you know who created violence in the peaceful partition by throwing pigheads inmosques and cow heads in temples? Sit down, cool your heads and talk friendly. Do not be bearings of any axis of evil or vertices of any evil triangles [Iain, 2017].
Indian Six-Hydro Project and first nuclear strike declarations will only spray oil on red hot ashes [Yashwant, 2017]. To strike on the nuclear assets first they have to know where the weapons are, and then should have precise missiles to hit them. US marines also tried in 2011 but failed to find the secret locations in 2010/2011, whilst Pakistan was sincerely supporting US/NATO fight terrorism [Jeffrey, 2011]. Pakistan has presented proof of Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan to UNO and America but no response.
It is also true the Indian missiles can reach all parts of Pakistan, but their accuracy is tens to hundreds of meters, against which, Pakistan has an interception system to target them right on the border. India should remember Pakistan has got the second strike capability [Reporter, 2015]. It appears all nonsense to talk first nuclear strike issues,as it will invoke Pakistan to fire on any minor confusion. I wonder at the wisdom of America who admitted an extremist state into the nuclear suppliers group and trying to make is a permanent member of the  security council.
Indian experts, after Uri Attack either in connivance or otherwise, had warned India to refrain from attack on Pakistan as the response would be a nightmare in the presence of tens of separatist movements out of which Kashmir uprising is in global front lines. The key to peace in the region is to tackle the roots of the tension, which is the dispute over Kashmir [Prem, 2016]. India is fully involved in sponsoring and participating in terrorist activities in Pakistan through Afghanistan. American experts warn Pakistan of any retaliatory actions in commensurate with Indian terrorism in Pakistan [Anwar, 2015]. If the nuclear war starts in populated South Asia, then 1billion people will succumb to the miserable death,  including those who start the war either Generals or Politicians.
India should look back on history to determine why wide swathes of people accepted Islam and a great majority went after British Rule to UK? Ugly truth is the lower caste poor people are fed up from Indian racism and extremism. They find no option except launching freedom and separation movements. It is time to correct earlier mistakes and diffuse extremism, which might blowback to India. Lower caste Indian people are also Hindu, which are extremists as much as the highest caste Hindu.The Islamic world was defamed for extremism the Hinducults are even more deadly extremist.
In a suicide attack on the Shrine in Sindh dozens of innocent visitors died. Subsequent investigations showed the website of the terrorist group, responsible for this attack, was being operated from India. There are several websites on Kalabagh Dam and Balauch Liberation Army, which are being operated by Raw which is a direct interference in internal matters of neighbors.
Modi publicly declared the Indian Army shed their blood to liberate Bangladesh. He several times vowed in public to desert Pakistan with water weapon. If India and Pakistan continue to threaten each other waving destruction weapon, then the world will stop taking serious even if they annihilate each other. Our leaders should refrain from threatening water and nuclear wars as these slogans reflect their hollowness. Location of India and Pakistan is such that they can not afford constant hostility. Pakistan is blocking the Northern invaders who used to occupy India again and again. If Pakistan opens gates for Northern invaders (Tajik, Uzbek and Afghan Talibans) then a tsunami of terrorists will white wash Indian extremists with support of local minorities.
You hate or love each other you cannot change your neighbors.  Spend money on your poor people not with weapons. Common people do understand me which extremists do not want to understand. You can change hearts by words, not by wars. Change the text books which you direct youths against each other.  American consultants will ask you to buy their weapons to kill each other, but will not advise any of you to live like America and Canada.  Jinnah and Gandhi had dreamed to live like America and Canada who are both now no more.

Spanish, British and French people plundered Americas, looted India and burgled Africa to bring home foreign treasures.According Express Comumist the East India Company looted at least 3 trillion dollars from India during their 100 year occupation. In depth analysis of East India Company strategies shows, they started from robberies, ransoms and abductions using local dacoits, criminals and mercenaries.It is hard to believe the Africans pay colonial tax to France. America also looted $20 trillion gold and $30 trillion oil from Iraq. Russia intelligence agencies claim America plans to wage chemical warfare in civil hit Syria. [Jade 2012; Rakesh, 201;, Emma 2003;Aisha, 2017; Adrian, 2016].

The big wheel of nature made America an invincible military machine, of course, by Europeans and Asians, and turned it as a boomerang to the masters. Americans start attacking targeted countries with pretexts of regime change for democracy and human rights. Americans have yet not started against European and British invaders who took away their gold and diamonds. As the economic collapse will proceed they will start forcing Europe to return the treasure hunts.

British ancestorsconquered America and India to grab their goods, gold and pearls. British rulers have long history of mass murders and violation of human rights.British colonizing formula by target killings, ransom and abductions in the name of trade failed in America, but succeeded in India due to race and faith based traitors. They used Hindu extremists against Mogul Rulers and Muslims to further spread their sphere against Sikh Raj. After the German blitzkrieg they could not maintain their occupation and asked Gandhi and Jinnah to help them for independence.Britain was a great empire in which sun never used to set in but now appears for a few hours and sets in shamefully seeing them sponsoring corrupt dictators, money launders and target killers.

The British economy is based on usury and the corruption money coming fromdeveloping countries. British doors are open for corrupt politicians, proxy target killers, ransom seekers and sectarian extremists, but closed for professors and normal honest persons. Two percent of the British population has dual nationalities of Pakistan same is true for India. MQM London is involved in target and ransom crimes which are backed by the British Government. They have given asylum and nationality to Altaf Hussain, who is the killer of tens of innocents Karachi citizens. 

British embassies and consulates are open for target killers, terrorists and mercenaries, but close for students and professors. British embassy earns millions of pounds every year for refusing visas to genuine visitors and uses this money to invoke radical groups in Pakistan.I accuse incumbents, but not the British public as my kind professors also live there.  British embassy incumbents have fallen on their feet by ugly visa business. A government which backs corrupt leaders, money launders, target killing and ransom profession criminals for bringing money, how can provide books to poor children of third world countries. The common thing between India, British, Israeli and American incumbents are usury and hate against Islam. British incumbents have digested but Modi and Trump could hide.

Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism were the dominant religions before Islamand Christianity still today. Islam endorsed Judaism and Christianity to be divine religions for earlier times, but declared Hinduism to be the atheism. Jews and Hindus managed to control the brain system of America to use her against their own enemies. Americans protest against Jews, though Hindus are more dangerous.American statesmen have started recognizing their enemies under leadership.

India and Israel are two birds of similar (not exactly same) feathers. India has slaved Kashmir by occupying their lands and waters as Israel has locked Palestinians in their own homes by occupying their lands and waters. George W Bush called India and Israel the natural bedfellows due to similar aggressive policies against Kashmiri and Palestinians.  Israel and India want to trigger American military might against their enemies, and America intends to use Indian low caste soldiers as sacrificial lambs against China through their high caste extremists.

By the way America grabbed Mexican lands and occupied Iraq, Japan and Afghanistan.Drivers of profits hinged alliance between America, India and Israel may include democracy, capitalism, democracy, usury and occupation of lands to usurp their oil, water and mineral resources.World’s strongest democracy, the largest poor democracy and largest extremist have incoherent mindsets. Israel and India are terror sponsoring extremist states. A UNO researcher Rema Hulf proved statistically that Israel is an extremist state for which she had to resign.

India is an opportunist country which availed Russia during the cold war and jumped into the American Camp when the Soviet Union ship started sinking.India is a jinxed state which sank the Soviet Union now will sink America. He has appointed an extremist Hindu as Chief Minister.  How can America accept a country which fires pallets on minorities, commits genocide and elects extremists?

A callous Modi, Netanyahu and Trump triplet are trident against democracy, free market and global peace.  US incumbents are also restless in inventing new enemies, but India and Israel are also good at initiating new wars by terror networks if they see America in their back. Trump has banned Islamic countries the real danger is from Hindu and Jewish network already penetrated deep intothe grass roots. Let us make the energy, economy, and Environment our Lexis Nexus worldwide.

Human rights groups and activists show regrets and sorrows for the wild animals locked in cages, but do not protest against inhuman treatment being meted out to millions of landlocked Kashmiri and home locked Palestinians. Usury, land and anti-Muslim spirits are the triple coordinate bond between India, Israel and United States of America.  A monotheist Israeli can give money and technology to India, but cannot give life for atheist Hindus.

Americans are smart in using religious extremists against nonbelievers and engineering their factions into sectarian wars among themselves. Trump is true in saying that all terrorist organizations are the brainchild of Obama and Hillary as the media notes all terrorism is directed against Muslim countries if the ISIS, ISIL, BK, Al-Qaeda or Taliban were real extremist Muslims then they would have gone against Israel in Middle East and India in South Asia.

India occupied Kashmir and Israel subjugated Palestinians several decades ago. India and Israel have forced Kashmiri and Palestinians to live in ken and kraal. One generation was born and died in slavery, but media infused spirit of liberation in the second generation. Kashmiri and Palestinianyoungsters have started resisting foreign occupation raining questions ofdemocracy and human rights engineers why they are born to bear forever?

United States of America, United Kingdom and France started calling Germany, Italy and Japan to be the axis of evil during WW-II. After winning the war by exploding two nuclear bombs on two populated cities in Japan the Tag of “axis of evil”was glued on Russia, China and North Korea during the Cold War. After the fall of the Soviet Union and Iron Curtin a new axis of evil emerged as USA, UK and Israel. Muslim countries regard America, Israel and India the axis of evil [Zafar, 2016].After Brexit the new axis of evil would be USA, Israel, India and UK.

According to Preston the vertices of the evil triangle (USA, UK, and Israel) may be best described by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) as the world’s largest organized crime syndicate [Preston 2015]. Donald Trump declared ISIS/ISIL/Daish to be the brainchild of earlier incumbents now bombards Syria for killing ISIS. The world started raising a financial firewall against the RKM (insiders) due to its pernicious usury and debt slavery based policies.

Interest driven economic systems have led developed nations to control weaker nations and individuals through mechanized institutions. Global capitalism driven democratic systems have institutionalized corruption, usury and debts worldwide. A few insider families own these banks and machines which control the global monetary circuit.  

A secret shadow government (SSG) called insiders or RKM controls the defense system policies. General Flynn may tell of the triple citizens of America, Russia and Israel. America gave shoulder fired ground to air missiles to the Mujahdideen in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet Empire, then backfired on Taliban to wipe out the organized Jihadis due to vested royal interests.

After 9/11 incidence the label of the axis of evil was hurled on Iraq, North Korea and Iran. Iraq has been ruined, North Korea is in the news and Iran is in the list of travel ban countries. New axis of evil is America, UK, India and Israel. America has distributed supervisory duties to Israel in Peninsular Arabia, India in South Asiaand UK in Europe. After Brexit, Frexit and Grexit the Lexis Nexus might be protection ofEurope from an alliance of ISIS, and Al-Qaedaetc.

ISIS, ISIL and Al-Qaeda attacks, déjà vu barbarians, will start overwhelming Europe like South Asia and Middle East. British surrogates in Europe will deliver dollars and explosives to terrorists in the guise of advisers and human rights activists.UK will play the same role in Europe, which Israel played against Arab World and India against Pakistan.

British parliament and Queen have agreed on Brexit in principle next is a matter of declaration anytime. Scotland is Trump’s motherland therefore it would remain an integral part of the UK at the moment, though, the undercurrents of freedom from British incumbents may pop up anytime in future. America has already supported Ireland and Scotland to isolate the last remains of the British Empire.

Vertices of evil triangle are Israel, India and UK. Global axis of evil run through India, Israel, UK and USA. Pakistan and Peninsula Arabia has joined Sino-Russian block and Europeans might join sooner or later. China and Pakistan can overwhelm India; Iran, Turkey and Arab World on Israel; and Russia and Europe on UK.  Smoking gun evidence isnow available worldwide [Bipin, 2016].

America cannot bear the hegemonic burden anymore. America has 19 aircraft carriers alone compared to total 12 of the rest of the world. America is still a big war machine, but its economic engine cannot support the widespread military paraphernalia. Trump’s manifesto to make America great again means it is no more super power. Russia and China might fill the vacuum in future. Being superpower America could squeeze Hindu extremists to sit on table to decide Kashmir conflict but all the American presidents have following “India and Pakistan resolve Kashmir conflict” policies that supports India.

America wants India to act its bulwark against China, but Modi has fallen on his own feet by appointing a Hindu extremist Yogi as Chief Minister of the largest state. Indians are psychologically depressed from China and may try Ghani as a sacrificial lamb against China. India was given a free hand and allowed to bully Pakistan despite fear of nuclear winter over Kashmir.  A nuclear flash between India and Pakistan over Kashmir makes no difference to America as she has a holy alliance with any of them. American best try is to use both India and Pakistan against China, which will never come true.

Mobile, media and camera use IoT to do virtually anything. NASA is an eye in the sky, seeing everything on the planet. Statesmen have reduced to politicians tailoring constitutions and laws to support their business. When courts decide against politicians they start grumbling judicial outreach. Police, military and civil servants all serve the elite’s objectives same as Obamacare and Trumpcare.

British and American unity can sustain, but India and Israel have different tenets and cultures. India looks for American technology and Israel its protection. Israel has nuclear weapons which cannot work against all around next door attacks. Israel is a scorpion for America, which stings on her back during support. The British rulers rest of Washington’s back, yet use BBC to spy on the White House.

America, British, France and Israel fire missiles and drop bombs on Syrians only Russia and Turkey attacks ISIS splinter groups. America spread darkness in the name of light by sponsoring terror networks worldwide. India carried out terrorism in Pakistan as Russia Ally during 1980s, and after crossing the Rubicon, again against Pakistan as America Ally in the last decade [Jeffrey 2015].

Pakistan trusted America to mediate Kashmir conflict who believes in dividing and ruling the world. He who digs a ditch for others falls in it. American leaders are dividing their own nation on racial basis and humiliating each other every day.Kate, in State of America, clearly disclosed several times on existence of race and faith based divide in America.

The axis of evil does not like Pakistan bearing nuclear capability. They want Pakistan cooperate India and break with China which Pakistan will never do. Perceiving India as a counterweight toChina, the Zionists want Pakistan to complying Indian demands. To push India in the main stream of War on Terror, they rehearsed the 9/11 type Mumbai Attacks to create chaos and smoothening Indian public opinion. US historic fire-back policies have become evident to everybody so nobody does trust her anymore. Axis of evil have come up with forceful implementation policies.
Beyond good and evil we need to look into the origins of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Jews believe in a usury based economy, global domination through conspiracies and religious abhorrence that matches quite well with Indian enslaving poor by loans traditions, dream of Akhund Bharat (great India) and religious bigotry. Christians believe in the trinity theology of the unity of the Father (God), Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit.  God is spiritually active in the worldwide.
Christian fundamentalists regard Jews as monotheist for believing in only in God. Regarding numbers the Christian belief appears close to Hinduism that believes in multiple Gods and Goddesses (spirits). Muslims believe in the absolute oneness of God, Muhammad as the last Prophet and Quran as the final Holy Book. Muslims also believe in previous Prophets such as Noah, Ibrahim, Daud, Moses and Jesus with their Holy Books like Zabor, Torah and Bible.
A person can be a Jew by birth only, but Islam allows anyone to become Muslim by embracing Islam but cannot escape after accepting it. Christianity allows one to accept or reject it as and when feels unsatisfied. Judaism has closed the door, but Islam welcomes everyone. Being above all doubts about its ultimate truth, it does not allow anyone to go astray again.
Christianity, however, does not bother one to accept or reject it. Enlightened moderates mistakenly consider confusion, apathy and ignorance the basis of evil triangle. Atheists consider Judaism, Christianity and Islam as laterals of evil triangle. The Pakistani public considers Politicians, Military and Religious Sectarianism as axes of evil. The commonality among our local axis of evil is corruption, nepotism and lust for power.
The secreted vertices of the emerging evil triangle are power, energy and supremacy. Emergence of chaotic common vision among Hindus, Jews and Christians is a hallucinating phenomenon. The phony malicious triangle consists of religiously incoherent USA (apex), Israel (base) and India (plinth). It looks like a new Bermuda Triangle that already has come out to be nothing more than a buzzing tittle-tattle.  Let us zoom in USA-Israel-India snake oil triangle in terms of economic, political and religious commonalities.
It is not so easy to pinpoint the concord behind the chaotic revelations that may range from simple industrial economic arpeggio to American 100 Years Reich. Oil, gas and coal seem to be the ultimate umbilical cord of evil triad. Survivors of Nazi Holocaust have a total oil reserve of just 8 days. Exploding one billion Indian populations has oil reserves for maximally five years that she cannot extract at full tilt to meet the daily needs. Israel and India desperately need US pipeline tapped oil supplies to continue aggression against Muslims in Palestine and occupied Kashmir.

Indian loony, with five years oil reserves, escalating internal ethnic conflicts and independence movements, mimics the mirror image of Israel. India has geographical and ethical conflicts with neighbors like Israel. The Indian caste system also impersonates Jews. Indian geographical demography also reflects similarities. India was sandwiched between East and West Pakistan like Israel between West Bank and Gaza Strip as USA between Russia and China. Indian extremists are harboring grandiose, ostentatious and flamboyant hallucinations by trusting new East Indian Companies.
Hindu chauvinists, dogmatists and bigots are swelling with perceived vassalage in Asia that might shrink its existing perimeter To materialize evil triangle, USA invokes India and Israel to engage state sponsored terrorism and oppression to subjugate Muslims and a precursor of horrible alliance. USA and NATO affiliates are feeding axis of evil at the expense of Muslim oil and gas resources to use them against Muslims, Russians and Chinese. It triggers natural echo among Muslims, Communists and Confucians.
US President Gorge W. Bush rehearsed the term “Axis of evil” to describe governments helping across border terrorism and seeking Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). He named Iran, Iraq and North Korea in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002. US Ambassador John R. Bolton added names of Libya, Syria and Cuba as rogue states in his “Beyond the axis of evil” speech on May 6, 2002.
Allies uttered a derogatory phrase “Axis of weasels” to France, Germany and Belgium for weaseling their way out of “Oil War” disguised as “War on Terror” but eventually joined them unwillingly to avoid being labeled as sly or sneaky. Earlier the word “Axis powers” was used for the military and political alliance of Germany, Italy and Japan against the Allies in World War II. Whoever was the pioneer of the phraseology “Axis of Evil” Frum, Gerson or Bushwas regarded as rude in Asia. However, the inflicted countries consider USA, India and Israel as axes of global terrorism.
Indian and Israeli revival of an aggressive pursuit of the one-dimensional Anti-Pakistan and anti Iran, Syria, and Hamas as the axis of terror is now considered a mockery in East and West. India and Israel have been exploring methods to sensitize US think tanks against Muslim countries. India has been sensitizing USA against Pakistan for her vested interests and Israeli leaders keep on playing the recorded cassettes of targeted propaganda through BBC, Fox TV and CNN round the clock.
Israel has got a grip on world media and India followedthe same policy through Indian dual national powerbrokers in US politics. Pakistan has failed to annihilate the figment of the global imagination of Pakistan created by Jewish Media and Indian vilifications. India has been smirking and gloating on suicide attacks on the Pakistani army, the politicians and infrastructures. India has left no stone unturned to besmirch Pakistan’s image as the epicenter of global terrorism. In pursuance of devil’s policy of smearing Pakistan’s emblem as a failed state and inviting the laterals of evil triangle for joint operations has revealed her ultimate pagan psyche.
India and Israel use International Media against Muslims and Islam. They focus Islam as the driving force behind Muslims and nuclear Pakistan as an epicenter of terrorism to sensitize US Neoconservatives. The coordinates of evil axes (USA, Israel and India) include energy sources, regional influence and waters under the War against Terror umbrella. USA patronizes her flunkeys under her superpower entrepreneurship to wreak havoc through brutal killings, genocides and illustrative self created manageable flares in Asia. They use their malevolence buttressed by their ruthless, cold blooded insurgency experience in occupied Kashmir and Palestine. India has been found to be complicit through Afghanistan in suicide bombing in Pakistan. Machinated enigmatic suicide bomb attacks have rocked mosques and mud shelters in pursuance of sanctuaries in Pakistan.
Quran warned against trusting Jews and Christians, but we did it. Our national emblem taught us unity, faith and disciple, but we divided ourselves. Our statesmen advised us not to go for corruption and greed, but we continued. God started testing the depth of our faith by sending evil vultures which eat alive. We have to come out successful to the honor of God we trust and believe. We have understood our erratic enumerations so we pledge to not rehearse.
Energy, fiscal and political crises have jostled Pakistan and electronic media is disparaging our image to belittle Pakistan. The projected hologram is not the herald of Pakistani outlook towards neighbors and the international community. We will wash out maladroit blemishes by true compliance to Islam and national code of ethics. Our enemies sneer at us because of our own faux pas. Although, we have the quick fix but we will subjugate them in harmony with nature. We do not accept the hegemony of axis of evils and vertices of evil triangles.
We need to zoom in the common interests among the evil triangle whose vortices laze in India, Israel and America. In pursuance of bounds the embedded dynamism behind this unnatural alliance could be the role in the perceived new world order, but in terms of energy it could be as simple as coal, oil, gas and waters. Theologically the Jews hate Hinduism as well as Western world the way the Christian fundamentalists hate Jews and Muslims. However, there is a common tradition of believing multiple Gods and Goddesses among Hindus and Evangelical Americans.
There is a big reason for all Christians to support Israel to maintain access to the birthplace of Jesus Christ. Non Muslim entry restrictions in Holy Mosques of Mecca and Madina really provide enough justification for Christians. Christians have no way to carry the Jesus birth place in London or Washington. This seems to be the only reason to place Jews in Palestine and equip them with the warfare materials. Jews are the custodian of Christ Holy Church in Jerusalem, which is planned to be the capital of Israel. 
Although Iranian Prime Minister claimed to wipe out Israel, though, Muslims have much more regard for Holy Places in Israel. Even if Israel has no defense the Muslims would never like to bombard the Holy Places in Jerusalem. It is a kind of epicenter of Holly Spirits as Muslims used to pray in the direction of the Aqsa Mosque before revelation to change the faces to Kaba in Mecca. Fundamentalist rigid Jews drove out the Muslims and started their target killings and genocides.
God fearing persons of any religion cannot slaughter innocent human being at any cost as the murder of one innocent person is murder of whole humanity. Hindus, being non believer, fall nowhere in the religious matters, except weapons trade and exchanges of experience how to kill the innocent people demanding independence and human rights.
Indian government wants to share Israeli experience of managing tough borders to combat Kashmir Independence Movement and learn mechanism how to tighten Pakistan by closing rivers and igniting suicide bomb attacks inside Pakistani territories. Israeli experience in shutting down water, food and electricity supplies now reflects from Indian water dams and barrages on Pakistani waters [Navin, 2016]. Major commonalities among India and Israel include exchange of tactics to suppress innocent shrieks during cold blooded murders and genocides.
USA has increased the interest factors, by allowing indirect sale of anti-insurgency devices like Phalcon AWACS, finger print deciphering yellow powder, torturing implements, distant snipers, blimps, zeppelins, giant shields, night vision goggles, cross-border snooping or prying devices, drone technology, civil nuclear plants and spy training equipment to control democratic independence uprisings inside India and promote agitations and suicide bombings in neighboring countries. America has been nurturing the evil defense agreements between India and Israel against Pakistan, whilst Pakistan was fighting against Taliban and Al-Qaeda in Pak-Afghan precincts.
After 60 years friendship the America stabbed in the back of Pakistan by allowing operations of Raw, NDS and Mussad under auspices of CIA in Baluchistan, KPK and Karachi. They have tried their best to destabilize Pakistan through suicide attacks on shrines, mosques, police and military check posts. Pakistan arrested red handed Indian Raw officer Culbhotion Yadev in Baluchistan operating terrorist network to destabilize Baluchistan to fail Gawader Seaport Project.
Earlier the Israel was a tactical threat to the Middle East to peep into their oil wells, but formation of the recent triangle is an explicit threat to encounter China and Russia to capture the Caspian bay hinged energy reserves. There was a latent chance of an energy alliance between Russia, China and India, but US civil nuclear energy pact has eliminated any future chances. America has closed her eyes to Indian Hydro Power Projects on Pakistani waters. India has also withdrawn from Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project. It is time to adapt to new Asian politics and become a part of a larger block or create a new tactic block at own with sincere trusted partners.
Creation of a new block might be more difficult than to join the existing blocs. To cope with evil triangle strategic drive may be a military alliance with Iran, China and Russia. Pakistan needs to awaken the Arabs smoldering by continued bombardment of Palestinians. It is still well in time to stop oil flow to Europe and America with strategic alliance between Chinese, Russian and Islamic States, which would be exactly opposite to American plans to stop expansion of communism in 1970s. Islamic world, China and Russian alliance can save themselves as well as the rest of the world from the looming cataclysm. After bipolar world, everyone has seen absolute power in the hands of America has created chaos worldwide. 
Nuclear cooperation between India and Israel started well before 1979 when they planned to destroy Kahuta Labs in 1979 but official diplomatic communication started in 1992 that reached to full anti-terror commission in 2000 and bulk ammunition trade equivalent to the Russians in 2008. India has allowed large pockets of the Indian Oceans to Israeli submarines as logistic support in the event of big incidence in Israeli land among angry Arabs. America also allowed Israel to sell the arrow anti-missile system to India to create a balance of power between India, China and Pakistan.
The alliance between India and Israel is mainly on the military and intelligence cooperation against Muslims, China and Pakistan. Indian soldiers have acquired anti-insurgency training from Israel to control, independence movement in Kashmir. After Russian pulls out from Afghanistan the Indian officials said it is wiser to hold the hand of the one steering the ship rather than hanging on to the one who is drowning and opted for US, Israeli and Indian alliance.
India has been availing manpower employment opportunities in Iraq since 1980s and exporting her goods since 1996 under the UN oil-for-food program, but showed restraint in condemning US attack on Iraq under her so called cautious approach viewed as “unprincipled position” eying post Saddam spoils. The Iraqi friend Delhi continued viewing the Iraqi crisis pragmatically.
Jewish and Hindu hypocrites think the axis of evil will corroborate their atrocities, mayhem, carnage and the genocides on minorities. Any country’s democratic values are assessed by religious and ethnic facilities that do not reflect a fraction of democracy in India and Israel. American tax payersare implicitly responsible for the evil treatment meted out to innocent hapless Palestinians and Kashmiris. Wretched Palestinians and desolate Kashmiri were begged off plebiscite through continued vetoing of United Nations Resolutions.
US government, which established and protected monarchies, kingdoms and martial laws in most of Asian democratic countries to validate her ostensible excuses of pursuing an Oil War in the name of the War on Terror to establish her envisioned New World Order. Bush has mandated Israel and India to carry out massive killings of Palestinians and Kashmiris in the name terrorism.
Manmohin Sing forgot the innocent Sikh screams in Punjab at the hands of Hindu extremists (RSS) as Palestinians in Jenin. Pakistan and India need to hold off massive killings in NWFP and Kashmir. Go back over history to reassess and redeem your marionette compositions that is likely to annihilate Indian subcontinent at your dirty whims, greedy quirks and ugly caprices.
Pakistan is a wonderful country with superb antediluvian magnum opus of Arab, Asian and Western civilizations. Imagine the beauty of colorful cultures living in harmony with nature. Blue skies, emerald green rivers, mountain falls and zephyr create zest to be lost in the valleys. It is a blend of multiple cultures unaware of each other’s beliefs. Muslims contribute to build churches for fellow brothers, which go beyond western politics. This is the country where no one eats without offering others and eats less himself to care for others’ appetite. They believe in absolute oneness of God and seek his forgiveness day and night.
It is time for Indo-Pak leadership to behave as statesmen rather than far out shrewd politicians. Why not choose temperate and restrained spokesmen rather than cantankerous and belligerent infuriates. Our authorities can sit down together and communicate honestly to find an innovative solution once for all, if they do not know how to proceed, then go for thriving warm blood to settle the chaos instead of wasting time on enigmatic players.
Conservative professional political players have failed to manage the regional harmony since last six decades. Global players regard you nothing more than mud turtles and snakes rattling around the borders as implements of their energy security global war. They smirk on our idiocy and lack of common sense, assuming their serviteur flunkeys. They brought us daggers drawn before even starting a study of the maneuverable nuke flash file. It is time to behave like abstemious independent statesmen instead of frivolous vassal. Are we not stuck in the mud rather reeking and stinking dirt against each other? Is it the goal Gandhi and Jinnah worked together to oust the British invaders? Perhaps Hindus, Muslims and British started cheating one another in 1947.
Hindus were envisioning an Akhund Bharat, Muslims were visualizing a separate state, and British futurists were brainstorming how to divide easily to return again. The British believed in “Divide and Rule” but Americans, in addition, believe in “Use and fire back”. They used and fired back on Saddam and Taliban in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pakistan has concluded to return the vassalage that India is eager to yoke in afresh.

The education system has reduced down to a means of getting power, wealth and fame. The human race is returning to Stone Age by group based hunting and survival. Real estate property dealers and industrialists have overwhelmed feudalists, who at least used to feed the folks. Air, water and food were human rights which have become attractive profitable business. The domino effect of renewable energy revolution would be tax on light and winds.

They should also zoom in the posterior verve of international interests in the region. Shortage of fossil fuels seems axis of all evils. Pursuant to energy security the Western forces have already established several billion barrels strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) at home and are hunting after the remaining oil in the Middle East and the Caspian Bay. Projected oil peaking scenario of “2038 instead of 2010” has been misleading the international community. Israel, Pakistan and India are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd from the bottom on the word oil map. This triangle of madness has been chosen as self annihilating implements of imperial interests.
Depending upon regional demography we are continuously orienting against one another. Looming cataclysm will lead us to an imaginable darkness if we fail to recognize the basis in time. We have to understand how we started together and why we decided to dwell apart in Pakistan and India. Israel also knows well her establishment was a strategic decision in terms, petroleum and communist escalation. Who befits our hostility and who loses at our harmony? Who stimulates you to get on your nerves and who rubs you the wrong war? We have to ponder the global scenario that peeves us against one another come out for saber rattling at borders? What went wrong when, why and where? What has led us to daggers drawn? Are we damned stupid or they are too wise?
Think of your miserable plight before partition, brainstorm, rethink, reassess, reconsider, reevaluate and ponder again to conclude Kashmir. You are going to engage yourself into a nuclear conflict that will burn you crisp and wipe you both out. Those who propose to go for nukes are the real culprits among both countries. Imagine why a well off white American will worry on the massive white wash of black extremist ugly Hindu same is true for Muslims?
Evil players are provoking either of you with immaterializing promises to engage you to a self annihilating war to protect their own energy security. They are the same white descendants who wrote on Indian restaurants against your forefathers “Indians and Dogs are not allowed”. It is up to the whims of Modi and Nawaz Sharif to decide to restrain or go ahead. However, it is important to probe major terror attacks to determine the master mind that wants to sustain the proxy war between Pakistan and India to destabilize the region.  Arrest of Kulbhoshun Yadev in Pakistan shows Indian RAW is behind all bomb and suicide attacks in Pakistan. Security agencies arrested tens of terror networks based on information supplied by Indian RAW agent.
A terror and media based civilization has emerged worldwide. Media front lines are deadly terror incidences since last one and a half decade. Media shows live coverage with breaking news on initial terror attacks and runs one or two liner news when terror activities are sustained. A terror inspired psychosomatic killed 4 in London, ISIS killed 230 in Mosul, Al-Qaeda killed 71 in Yemen, security forces killed 250 in Syria, Boko Haram abducted 200 girls in Algeria, Taliban killed 150 students/teachers in Pakistan, Taliban killed 190 in Afghanistan, Security forces killed 300 in carpet bombing, Al-Qaeda killed 10,000 during 9/11 in America and Indian security forces killed 80,000 freedom fighters in Kashmir.

The next big future is collective war against terror but this pretext must not be used to take personal revenges from hostile states or long hauled meritorious freedom movements. India and Pakistan have been teetering and tottering on Kashmir, India and China reeling and rolling on similar issues, which is basis of cooperation between China and Pakistan. Military, Supreme Court and Parliament are the three institutions which matter in peace, justice, law and order. The Indian Army is continuing unprovoked shelling on Pakistani borders, Supreme court supports diverting western rivers flowing into Pakistan and Indian Parliament is debating a bill to pass death or a life sentence for Muslims slaughtering cows. The Prime Mininister Modi is promoting extremism by electing Yogi type Hindu extremists.

America claims liberty and human rights, but shuts eyes in case of Kashmiri and Palestinians. British leaders should take the initiative as they are responsible for killing of more than 90,000 Kashmiri. Pitch dark nights change in vivid days, but it is hard to imagine the liberation of Kashmiri and Palestinians locked into their own homes with interference of global leaders. Nature creates being out of nihility. Collapse of complex societies shows the super powers keeps on changing. Yesterday were Roman,  Ottoman, British and Soviet Empires, today are American and Russian Empires; and tomorrow may be China alone. Time will pass the good deeds will be recorded and recalled as dark orbright history of ancient nuclear and InformationAge powers.

World population is increasing at a rate of 1.11% per pear. The current world population of 7.5 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100. India is expected to become the largest country in population size, surpassing China around 2022, while Nigeria could surpass the United States by 2050 [UN 2015]. We are increasing at a rate of 21 to 22 million annually at 27 to 38 million are born and 15 to 16 million die per year. 

More people need more resources and the planet has fixed quantity. World community daily spends $8.77 to $9 billion on health care, $7.69 to $8 billion on education and $3.79 to $4 on defense. We circulate 391 million newspapers, 176 billion emails, 489 million tweets, 3.5 million blogs and 0.6 million books every day [Meter, 2017].

We consume 310TWh energy everyday out of which 250TWh is derived from fossil fuels and 60TWh from renewable energy resources.  The Earth receives daily 2.3EWh solar energy yet burn 84 million barrels oil despite we are left with 1.155 trillion barrels of oil, 1.124TOE natural gas and 4.360TOE coal. Human activities release 9.7 billion tons CO2 emissions and 2.56 million tons of toxic chemicals in the environment every year. The next big issue is how to remove plastics from the oceans and CO2 from the atmosphere.

The rampant rise in graves of radioactive and biochemical waste is reducing agricultural land. Population explosion and expanding cities cause annually 1.36 million hectares deforestations, 1.84 million hectares soil erosions and 3.15 million hectares desertation. World community consumes 2.85 quadrillion liter water every year, yet 658 million people have no access to safe drinking water. Nature has flooded the planet with water (71%) and we talk ugly water wars.

This planet can provide food for even zillions more people, but cannot fulfill any one’s desires.  Our 20% people own 80% of world resources. There are 1.6 billion overweight and 0.77 billion undernourished people.  Annual deaths by over eating are several folds more than deaths by hunger. Money spent on illegal drugs is $105 billion, which can buy food for people dying of hunger and famines.

Global brain may solve wide range of complex problems using collective wisdom and synergic strategies. Let us use global brain to enlighten the pitch dark stopping the sun shine, winds blow, rivers run and forests foster.  Let us harvest solar and wind energy instead of water wars. 


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Source:Ocnus.net 2017

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