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Are Kashmiri People Born to Endure for Ever?
By Dr Nasrullah Khan Kalair,Comsats Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan 12/7/16
Jul 14, 2016 - 9:11:08 AM

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Indian army killed another 40 peaceful Kashmiri freedom protesters injuring 2000 women, men and children in last seven days. The brutal Indian army has killed thousands of Kashmiri, raping underage girls and disabling innocent children in occupied Kashmir. It is the epic responsibility of the United States of America to interfere and protect human rights in Kashmir the way she did in Sudan and East Timore. Humanity is crying where are the just forces?

Hindu extremists in Kashmir and Jew fundamentalists in Palestine daily kill unarmed Kashmiri and Palestinian Muslims despite occupying their lands and waters. Disappointed Kashmiri and Palestinians are dying daily with hope the global leaders will take notice of barbaric terrorism being meted out to them. Netun Yahoo concocted the story that Hitler was innocent the man behind the holocaust of Jews in Germany was a Palestinian Mufti who advised Hitler to asphyxiate Jews.

Devils dance on the angels’ corpses and the world watches the human carnage by India in Kashmir and Israel in Palestine the way the Romans/Greeks used to stare at live eating of slaves by hungry tigers. Modern civilization and the media must not keep silence on terrorism against occupied frail communities.

Indian armed forces killed 93,935 men, widowed 23,000 women and orphaned 1, 07, 461 children in last 26 years. Indian army gang raped over 10,000 women in Kashmir since 1989 to 2015. Indian army killed 25,000 (media) to 50,000 Kashmiri (Victim’s viewpoint) from 1990 to 1996 during transition from Russian to American Camp. According to Human Rights Watch and ICIC report of June 2015, there have been found 40 graves wherein 2156 Kashmiri was buried.

The Kashmir High Court decided last year the Kashmir is not part of India. Tens of Indian army officers are involved in rape, genocide and killing of Kashmiri masses. According to International Tribunals on human Rights in Kashmir and association of disappeared persons, rape cases are registered against a Major General, 7 Brigadiers, 31 Colonels, 115 Majors and 40 Captains of Indian Army. Over 972 army soldiers involved in rape cases were killed out of the courts. A police director, 1 additional director general, 2 IG, 2 DIG, 3 SSP and 3 SP are involved in rape and genocide crimes.

Shiv Sena, a civil armed religious wing of Raw, is a barbaric radical group involved in terrorist activities. It was founded by a cartoonist Bal Thackeray in 1966. Shiv Sena academic wing, Bharatia Vidyarthi Sena, engineers school text books to poison youth brain with its fanatic views. It has 63/288 seats in the legislative assembly and gets 8 to 10 million votes in national elections.

Hindu extremists threw black ink on the face of an Indian publisher, sudha Klukerni, who arranged inauguration of Pakistani Ex Foreign Minister’s, Khurshid Kasuri, book and Kashmir Assembly representative, Engineer Rashid, for serving cow beef in his party. Shev Sena threatened to cancel music concert of Ghullam Ali, interrupted cricket board meeting threatening Pakistani Diplomat Shaharyar Khan and Chairman PCB Najim Sethi, warned film actors Fawad and Mira Khan to leave India, closed the samjota train service between two nations, killed one person for eating beef, another for driving truck carrying cow and burnt Sikhs holy book to wipe out minorities in India.  Muslims and Sikhs are protesting in USA, UK, Germany and Spain against Indian violations of minority human rights and blasphemy of their religious books.

India is the second largest exporter of cow meat. If a cow is their divine mother then why they export 2.8 million tons of cow meat every year? Shev Sena is a radical wing of Indian RAW that is involved in barbaric target killings in India and neighboring countries. Narinder Modi is a member of this terrorist organization which killed hundreds of Muslims in Gujrat riots in 2002. America imposed ban on his entry in the USA which was lifted when he was elected to the position of Prime Minister. A case was registered against him in the UK, due to the murder of three British citizens in Gujrat, for provoking Shiv Sena to attack Muslims and foreigners in 2002.

Mumbai police tortured two Muslim Indians and asked them to migrate to Pakistan. One young boy died by police tortures without any registered case against him. The Indian village court decided to rape and conduct naked walk in the village as a high caste girl married with their brother.  Hindu extremists, after cricket ban, refused Kabudy play with Pakistan. In view of Hindu extremists attacks and Sikhs protests UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand refused to send their Kabudy teams. Pakistan has asked ICC to shift T-20 cricket match from India to some neutral safe country.

Shiv Sena is a far right party that attracts shy Hindus by Hindutva slogan violating minority human rights. This martial group demonstrated its power in Bhiwandi communal riots (1970 and 1984), Bombay riots (1992-93) and Gujrat violence (2002) by the massive murder of minorities. At least 1000 people died in the Bhagalpur riots triggered. Pakistan security forces have issued alerts on Indian RAW threat to attack Hafiz Saeed and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

After the death of 58 Hindus in train burning incidence, Narindar Modi led the violence to kill 790 Muslims. He declared himself in Bangladesh that his Sena was involved in separation of East Pakistan. Indian army killed local people wearing Pak Army uniforms to spread hatred against their own security forces. After separation they wrote the books themselves in name of Bangladeshi authors on crimes of Pak Army against Bengalis to further deepen the abhorrence in the hearts and minds of youngsters.  India is involved in all suicide and car bombs attacks carried out in Pakistan. Pakistan has handed three dossiers of RAW involvement proofs to United Nations and United States.


Shiv Sena was passive before 1990s, but became active after departing from Russian into American Camp in the last one and half decade. United States of America has long experience of using extremists to defeat his enemies. Bush mediated common defense pact between India and Israel to make them natural allies against Muslims. Blair has accepted mistake of attacking Iraq 12 years ago and Bush is hiding his head in the quicksands. ISIS evolved due to the NATO attack on Iraq and Shive Sena after Modi triumph in general elections. ISIS and Shiv Sena are backfiring against Muslims in a Arab and India.

Terrorists, Indian and Israeli alliance are viewed as a trilogy of evil, vice and sin. It is a trident of trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), Trimurti (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) and Tanakh (Torah, Nevi’im and k’tuvim]. This transcendental trillium cannot survive as oil, water and blood do not mix. Unnatural trilogy of trinity, Trimurti and Tanakh is a bad news for global security.

Pakistan had a brighter chance of liberating Kashmir in 1962 when China attacked India. Pakistan might have availed the opportunity if the USA had not promised to solve Kashmir conflict after the war. US promise remained unfulfilled like UN resolution 67 years ago. Indian army fires on border region civilians, which may escalate to a fierce war.

The axis of the trio evil runs through Europe, Asia and Middle East. India and Israel have occupied lands and waters of Kashmiri and Palestinians. America uses both of them to keep the terror fire burning in the Islamic world. India fuels terror activities in Afghanistan and Pakistan whereas Israel looks after the mass murder game in Peninsular Arabia.

Indian borne American black knights akin to white knights, on KKK pattern, sow the seeds of extremism.  America loves using extremist bogymen like Modi to flourish his hunt based economy. American Hindu capitalists and local extremists both supported Narinder Modi to win election. Hindu extremists have started killing Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and other minorities.

Adam and Eve appeared on planet 180,000 to 200,000 years ago. Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Indus Valley, Persian and Mayan civilizations have been fighting with one another. Aryans conquered the Indus Valley (1500BC), Gaul (5BC-3AD) defeated the Romans (753BC-410AD) and Hellenistic Civilization eroded Greek Civilization (800BC-600CE). Wars give nothing except sorrows and regrets.

Chinese being oldest civilization recognizes the consequences of wars, but the United States of America planed to use India as a sacrificial lamb against China. Pakistani and Indians fought together to get rid of British Rule but started fighting with each other after getting independence. United States of America used Muslim fundamentalists against Russia and intending to use Hindu extremists against China.

How Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard University law teachers can keep silence on the mass murder of Kashmiri and Palestinian people? Where are BBC, CNN and New York Times? Has the journalism become a business? Is the world volte- face back to Dark Ages? How can human being forget the lessons learned in hundreds of centuries?

Ten years ago, a ten minutes 8.9 Richter-Scale earthquake, killed over 100,000 Kashmiris. India started building dams in Kashmir, which are timed bomb for Pakistan. Whenever these dams collapse by earthquakes or other reasons will cause flash flood in Pakistan. Experts wonder how United Nations allowed India to build dams on the Western Rivers to control the natural flow of waters.

Muslims and Hindus fought together for freedom from British Rule. After independence India was divided among Muslims and Hindus on different culture and civilization basis. Kashmir was a Muslim population dominated region so the Hindu ruler Hari Singh kept neutral. When the riots started in Kashmir to join Pakistan, Hari Singh fled to India and signed accession against the will of people.

India took the case to UN Security Council for the plebiscite in 1948 as Sheikh Abdullah was in her favor, but, later started hiding behind Tashkent and Shimla Agreements. Kashmiri and Pakistani leadership, both demand plebiscite as Kashmir is an incomplete agenda. India and Pakistan have fought three wars on Kashmir, 1947/1948, 1965, 19971 and 1998 yet conflict remains unresolved.

Indian Prime Minister Lal Bhadur Shari and Pakistani President Aub Khan after the Tashkent Agreement were close to ending Kashmir Conflict which could not conclude due to death of Shastri. Later Indian Prime Minister Indra Gandhi and Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto after the Shimla Agreement were close to deciding Kashmir Conflict which again could not conclude.

Acrossborder infiltration, shelling and skirmishes continue on the both sides. Due to Pakistan’s engagement against the terror war in Pak-Afghan precincts India periodically starts unprovoked shelling across the line of control. As Pakistan geared up zurb e Uzb operation against RAW sponsored terrorism in Karachi, Fata and Baluchistan the Indian Army started widespread genocide of Kashmiris.

World community, especially US Security Council, must play the ultimate role to stop tussle between India and Pakistan as continued skirmishes may escalate to nuclear flash. India must recognize its own responsibility to give the Kashmiris right of self determination through plebiscite.

UN Security Council passed resolution 47 under Chapter VI, which could not reach Chapter 7 in last 67 years. UN Security Council members consider their own interests in prioritizing the conflicts not affected parties. United Nations tried to remove Jammu & Kashmir Conflict from the list of disputed territories in November 2010 but could not succeed due to human rights violation reports.

The United Nations Security Council adopted resolution 47 on April 21, 1948 and asked India and Pakistan to prepare for plebiscite to decide the fate of Kashmir but never pursued it. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, in general assembly’s 70th session, demanded UN Security Council to appoint administrators in Kashmir to conduct plebiscite.

Today, 35% of the Kashmir valley is affiliated with Pakistan the rest 65% occupied by India. India incorporated Kashmir into Indian Union in 1957 giving especial status to Kashmir under article 370 of Indian constitution. Non-Kashmiri was not permitted to buy land in Kashmir initially but later India started settling Hindus in Kashmir to reduce Kashmiri Muslim proportion.

India holds elections, which Kashmiri boycott demanding right of self-determination (plebiscite) on every half decade orchestration of election show. Plebiscite and election are two different things earlier is referendum and later is selection of leadership in a democratic country. Indian Prime Minister Modi promised in the election campaign to end special status of Kashmir under constitution article 254.

US President Obama promised to solve Kashmir conflict during election complain, but kept silence later, except, that Kashmir is not the Indian inseparable organ (Atoot Ang) rather is a conflict requiring solution. India and Pakistan are expending billions of dollars on weapons which could be used to reduce poverty in both countries.

India and Israel have been massacring Kashmiri and bombing Palestinians since last 67 years. Are Kashmiri and Palestinians borne to bear? Ugly notion “born to bear” evolved with the rise of inhumane on the planet. The world has entered from 20th into 21st century without any real change of mind. Mind and social engineering technologies have led to the emergence of suicide bombers.

Evil suicide bombing technology was limited to Israel, which arrived in India when Bush, owing to mirror image histories, policies and strategies, dubbed them natural bedfellows. India and Israel are the two veritable arms of evil across both sides of the globe. They mediate proxy wars by fueling the killing machines in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Nigeria.

Kashmiri and Palestinians men, women, children and infants have been facing terrorism, atrocities and genocides by Indian and Israeli armed forces. Elite capitalist pundits believe in an emotionless scientific economy, which orients its moorings along economic opportunities. Stronger nations have started hunting and enslaving weaker nations to hide their heinous crimes.

Fom 1967 to 1989, UN Security Council adopted 131 resolutions on the Arab-Israel Conflict. United Nations Human Rights Council has condemned Israeli barbarism against defenseless Palestinian 45 times since 2006 to date. It does not need a silver bullet to find out of the box solution, the bitter truth is, world powers are not serious in solving disputes.  Neurons that are wired together, fire together.

When it comes to human rights violations in Kashmir and Palestine UN incumbents shrug their shoulders rolling eye balls. Veto power and plans to extend P5 to P6 are gross violation of pari passu principle. Humanitarian and just wars, déjà vu, are caucus-belli for crusade wars.

Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, acknowledged Kashmiri self-determination right on November 2, 1947 by saying “ It has been our policy all along  that where there is a dispute about the accession of a  state to either dominion, the accession must be made by the people of that state”. The accession can only be done through a plebiscite, a referendum in presence of international administrators, not unilateral elections which Kashmiri even do not participate. Indian settlement of Hindu families in Kashmir to alter the real population proportion, akin to Jews settle in Gaza, is another social engineering avenue to be condemned and stopped.

Indian claims elections are a substitute of plebiscite (referendum), a cross border terrorism sponsored (Kashmiri protest themselves) and human rights violation is negligible (despite 90,000 massacres). India offers a conditional dialog with Kashmir or Pakistan, demanding to accept Kashmir part of India. Pakistan offered to resume talks but India agreed to talk on terrorism alone.

Pakistan also wants to talk about Indian state sponsored terrorism in Kashmir, Baluchistan, Fata and Karachi on which three dossiers of Indian RAW fomenting have been handed over to the UN Security council. Big Five may take care of their own benefits to the limit the mandate of UN Security Council remains alive. UN Security Council should not become a club of powerful countries.

Pakistan tried to resume dialog with India to resolve Kashmir Conflict but India runs away concocting one or other excuse.  United States of America has the power to arbitrate dialog, but deliberately defies may be, has another agenda for Kashmir in his mind. Kashmir being close to China could be very important for the United States of America.

Pakistan and India are conjoined twins with one heart and two brains. They are two different civilizations with 50% common culture. Indian and Pakistani national languages, Hindi and Urdu, have 50% common words, but written in Sanskrit and Persian scripts. Pakistan claims Kashmir to be her Shah Rug (jugular vein) whereas India claims it to be her Atoot Ang (Fait Accompli).

India violated the cease fire line 400 times alone in 2015. Pakistan has handed over three dossiers of RAW fomented terrorism in Baluchistan, Fata and Karachi. India is behind every terror act in Pakistan. It has been orchestrating deadly bomb explosions timed with the arrival of American and Indian diplomats to signal their presence in Pakistan.

Terror attacks on cricket team, military installations, Navy surveillance and early warning aircraft academically prove the Indian RAW is behind all the terrorist activities. Prime Minister Modi declared himself in Bangladesh that Indian Army took part in the alienation of East Pakistan in 1971.

It is a game for imperial powers and a matter of life and death for Muslims. A few years ago US soldiers killed young Afghan kids just to cut their fingers as a game. US Air Force killed 19 and injured 39 civilians by bombing a hospital in Qunduz on October 1, 2015. Last month NATO air strike killed 11 anti-narcotic police men in Helmand on September 7, 2015.

When humanity descends there is no limit on its depth. It depends how you do believe, the Holly Creator or the Holy Business, the rest is all detail. War is necessary to defend yourself, but power and money can’t warranty peace. You can kill or imprison dissents, but not delete their views.

India and Israel are small stooges which cannot dare widespread killing of Kashmiri and Palestinian Muslims if they have no US backing. Axis of evil runs straight from America to India (Asia) through Israel (Middle East). Water does not mix in oil, but both co-exist in blood.  Israel (Jew) and India (Hindu) can rely on each other through America. Both India and Israel share a common barbarism of occupying Kashmiri and Palestinian lands as well as their waters.

Seven sisters use the seven sins of lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride to involve political and religious leaders in corrupt extremist practices then use them diabolically to defame the chastise, temperate, aide, diligent, patient, kind and docile societies.

China is a peace loving civilization. When it comes to business the souls of their parents, romping and stomping in blue heaven, join them. Chinese, Egyptian, Indus Valley and European civilizations are thousand years old. Chinese genes are encoded with dire consequence of wars, but American incumbents act like a mad man in the street. Ancient civilizations hesitate to start wars which emerging empires don’t care. North America was a young civilization hatched out a few centuries ago.

America has no enemy on the planet her capitalist elites invent remote foreign enemies to harass their own people. Media drives, virtual enemy based policies by fabricating stories of ambushed terrorists lurking around to kill them. America is half a world away, none can go there without the will of incumbents.

Insidious US plan to rule the planet is mandate for nowhere. America has military supremacy, but when it comes to survival a cat raises its paws to stand to tiger. World powers attacked defenseless Afghanistan, but could not win despite most sophisticated weapons. Disgracing old parents, insulting women and killing children can’t be the will of God whatsoever you believe.

Pakistan observes Kashmir Day on 5 February to condemn Indian brutalities in occupied Kashmir.  Kashmir Policy remained slow in the last decade. A few walks, some headlines, and few columns were the audio, video ascriptions to those brave people giving their lives to join Pakistan.

Army Chief General knotted the peace in Asia to resolution of Kashmir and Philistine issues waiting solution since last six decades.  Obama’s current visit to India and Chinese President’s future visit to Pakistan clearly divulges who plunks where a war on terror.

Obama’s lecture to Modi US interests depend on his good relations with Pakistan was a result of tectonic shift which could not occur. US policy rests on using India as wild card against China. War against terror and terror wars are akin to Dexter and Sinister viewpoints. 

School children know the oil does not mix with water yet the phrase “Oil and Water Do not Mix” was coined in the last decade? We all know India occupied Kashmir’s land & waters as Israel clutched Philistine’s land & waters. Ultimately, Bush and Obama proved oil and water mix in blood.

America looks at Israel and India as regional policemen which regional powers don’t like. India adores new alliance, but fears how to lodge friend’s hump. Israel and India pall to be an organ of venomous octopus yet global researchers accuse them to pivot the axle on which colossal killing contraption gears from Syria-Iraq to Pak-Afghan precincts.

War on terror is not global rather a local phenomenon limited to seven Islamic countries. Seven draconian sisters every time suck the blood of seven states. Human rights flag bearing nations play ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, TTP and Houssi trump cards games on the Islamic World’s Chessboard. United States of America, Europe, Israel and India has invented a huge jargon of terrorist groups in the Islamic World which need a separate book to name all of them.

India fomented terrorism in Pakistan in 1980s during Russian Occupation in Afghanistan, déjà vu, which was resumed in 2100 after 9/11 and American Occupation in Afghanistan. Pakistan considered north western border a strategic depth and kept all forces on eastern borders, some out of which has been deployed on the northwestern border.

By reason of similar forced occupations, genocides and human rights violations by Indian and Israeli militaries, US President George W Bush, called them “Natural Bedfellows”. US President Obama promised to solve Kashmir conflict during the election campaign, but ended up calling India its “natural ally”.

World has failed to deliver justice to rundown people of planet. Kashmir and Palestine issues are ugly mucks in face of democracy architects who ignored their innate responsibilities. United States of America, being the largest war machine, is responsible for the brutalities meted out to millions of innocents locked in their own lands.

Indian and Israeli brutalities victims are waiting discharge of UN Security Council resolutions, US President and Human Rights Groups. Cyber, electronic, print and social media has kept criminal silence on Kashmir and Palestine issues.The National action plan should also entail global media campaign.

Angles and fairies appearing on TV channels in twilight really failed to deliver the message. Anchors air the whims and wiles of media owners taking carrots from their foreign bosses. Media could have proved a good weapon, but it is stuck in mud of dirty business. Shamis, Badami, Jamis, Gilanis, Sethjis, Najis and Bokharis do not write in International Media to explain the national stance.

Three consecutive army chiefs agree that Pakistan faces more internal less external threats as the enemy has disguised into local ethnic militants.  The army is killing low tech terrorists in remote sanctuaries, but the high tech activists are sitting in high arm chairs. Terrorists explode bombs, and radical executives implode the system for their personal gains.

Who brought Assama Bin Laden into Pakistan to lay down the foundation of Al-Qaeda in 1984, Who sponsored Jihadis, who made Taliban in 1994, who invented Boko Haram in 2002, who invented ISIS in 2003, who created TTP in 2007, who gave TTP tons of explosives and who formulated smart terrorist networks to spread destruction in the Islamic World.

Who disburses dollars to suicide bombers to attack mosques, schools, shrines and funeral gatherings? Which political party demanded 200 million bhatta and burnt hundreds on denial? Recognize the axis of evil ruining Pakistan. The war machines which cut organs of dead people to play games and urine on face of dead Afghanis are the culprits who spread evil in the name of good. Who tortured by water boarding and pumping gas into stool holes of prisoners of wars?

Who forced us to give weapons in the hands of teachers, doctors and nurses? Envision the plight of parents whose children are exploded as bombs on their own friends. Imagine the paltry of parents whose children are abducted for money which they have not to pay. Visualize the humiliation of parents who are unable to stop the rape of their daughters in front of their eyes.

No complains to enemies as hostile forces do whatever gives them satisfaction, but I have reservations about what we are doing with one another. Foreigners don’t ask us to dishonor underage youngsters, buy teenage girls to kill them after collective rape, engage the nation in health/education, business, and deal in fake life saving drugs and degrees.

Social injustices, racial recruitments, reliance on wretched retired civil servants, blind following of sectarian leaders, desire for foreign nationalities and NGOs is ground-zero for extremism and radicalism. I wonder, seeing youngsters wearing multiple color turbans in learning age.

Source:Ocnus.net 2016

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