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Dark Side Last Updated: Jun 23, 2020 - 10:44:04 AM

George Hodel and the Women Used for His Sadistic Pleasure
By Carrie Wynn, Medium, 5/2/20
Jun 22, 2020 - 11:30:44 AM

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He is known as the prime suspect in the Black Dahlia case but his horrors spread far and wide


Recently, I listened to a podcast called, “The Root of Evil” that stuck with me long after I played the final episode. Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile take you through an unforgettable journey as they dive into their family mystery involving a man that was a suspect in the murder of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dalia.

The man in question is their great-grandfather, George Hodel.

Over the duration of the podcast, they interview many other members of the Hodel Family and uncover generations upon generations of trauma, sexual assault, and rape all stemming from the crimes of one man.

It is truly one of the most compelling, intriguing, and heartbreaking stories that I have ever heard.

George Hodel is said to have been a charming and charismatic man. He had many connections with the wealthy and the powerful and was known for throwing lavish parties. He took on multiple lovers and his parties were laced with mind-alternating substances, beautiful women, and orgies.

In fact, George’s own daughter, fifteen-year-old Tamar Hodel claimed that she was one of his sexual partners.

She took George to trial in 1949 under the accusations that he had raped, impregnated her, and then performed an abortion on her.

It didn’t seem to matter to the jury that there were three witnesses present during and who participated in the sex acts. Even though two testified at the trial (the third woman recanted her earlier testimony and refused to come forward), Tamar was made out to look like a liar.

Her own mother testified against her saying that she made the whole thing up for attention, and George was acquitted.

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