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Dark Side Last Updated: Feb 14, 2020 - 12:11:30 PM

Rant and Rave for Change Evaporates in Pakistan
By Dr. Nasrullah Khan, Comsats, 13/2/20
Feb 14, 2020 - 12:06:26 PM

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Traders, hoarders, speculators, money launderers and deep throat mafias oppose any change in white collar crimes replete system. Inherited politicians, inherent healers, blue blood princes and princesses consider themselves above the law. Public has been navigating ideological crosscurrents since last seven decades. Imran Khan’s u turn on corruption rendered him unpopular among his devout voters. Public hates the seven sins and leaders use it for their personal gains.


Docile people chose Imran Khan as last hope to change the corrupt system, but he too backfired to the voters. Everybody knows media, police, traders, judiciary, bureaucracy and inherited politicians are the corrupt mafias, who plundered Pakistan and laundered money into their offshore companies. When NAB arrested 1% bureaucrats and 2% politicians, all mafias joined their hands to resist Imran Khan. He fought for 18 months then started bowing down before the deep fakes. Imran had will, but not skill how to bring the change. Voters could have forgiven him for wreaking a havoc of bad governance, but they are sad on him for paving the way back for inherited political dummies. Humble voters are taken aback on his 180 degree u turn on all election campaign promises. He made bricks to clicks promise to 220 million voters, but took them to Dark Stone Age.

Imran Khan won election with promise to deal the corrupt mafias with iron hand, but one and half year later groveling before bureaucratic pressure, he started saying, “the amendment to the National Accountability Ordinance, 1999, was a tough decision" but one that had to be made in the interest of the country…"Our real aim is wealth creation so the country which is buried under the burden of loans [can be freed]," explained PM Imran….he said that decisions weren't being made due to a fear of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB)… The concerns were legitimate because so many were probed over procedural mistakes. So we realized we will need to take this step and offer bureaucrats protection, as well as the business community." [Dawn 2019].

Imran Khan’s decision has sent a wave of disappointment among docile voters, media anchors and political pundits. A few analysts called his decision to be a political murder of Imran Khan [Sabir 2019]. They aired comments of senior politicians saying “Politicians cannot function without bureaucrats, but corruption starts when they come in”. Most of people pass competition examination with mindset to do corruption using their discretional powers. NAB was the only authority to stop them from corrupt practices which has been stopped to arrest bureaucrats and businessman. This is exactly the same long dark road ahead that analysts predicted earlier [Khan 2019]. I personally see no change anywhere.

Imran Khan has the will, but his team and advisors lack the essential skills to run the system. Media, police, judiciary, traders, bureaucrats and inherited politicians are the shady mafias, which benefit from the corrupt status quo system. Imran Khan tried to grow flowers on barren mindsets who are born to breathe, gulp and gobble bribe. Opposition calls Imran U Turn Khan as he is often says right opposite to what he said during election campaign. Inflation, unemployment and currency devaluation has peaked under his one and a half year fragile governance. He cannot do anything against MQM from fear of losing majority. It is very unfortunate the media, public and politicians have started believing that democracy cannot function without corruption and commission culture.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday 5 December, “described the Digital Pakistan Project as one that would unleash the full potential of women and young people in the economy. This, he said, would be done by using e-governance as a tool to promote inclusion and do away with various forms of graft, while admitting that a few cybersecurity hurdles still needed to be addressed.” [Editorial 2019].

Prime Minister has appointed Google Executive Tania Aidrus to head this project who believes in five strategic pillars of the new initiative, namely access and connectivity, digital infrastructure, e-governance, digital literacy, and innovation. Media pundits believe Pakistani dual national experts succeed in foreign countries, but fail here due to pagan bureaucratic culture and inherited politics.

Zulfqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Zardari and then Bilawal Zardari Bhutto is inherited politics. Nawaz Sharif and Shabaz Sharif ruled thrice then decided to launch their children Maryam Nawaz and Hamza Sharif. Are other leaders in PPP (Aitzaz Ahsan or Qamar Z Kaira) and PML (Khawaja Asif or Ahsan Iqbal) not better eligible to lead? Son or daughter after father is kingdom, not democracy. Tara Pir after Chun Pir can happen in spiritual dynasties, not politics.

Inherited politicians and spiritual healers are stones tied with feet of people pushing them down to sink the democratic system. Amit Shah in India or double Shah in Pakistan or Raza Shah in Iran are signs of hatred, corruption and dictatorship. A snow camel will not cross the hot desert as a salt boat does not sail across the ocean. Let us hope the best and pray for success of Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan.

We live in an interest driven world, where might is assumed right. Universities teach power, fame and wealth as signs of success saying goodbye to morality. Doctors and engineers appear in superior services exams to become police, income tax and custom officers with mindset to have corruption opportunities. Purpose of higher education was to produce responsible citizens, not the seeds of destruction looting their own homeland to launder money abroad [Rehman 2019].

National accountability bureau (NAB) has exposed how the politicians conducted white collar crimes from 1988 to 2017. Politicians and bureaucrats (police, judges and executives) opened accounts in offshore companies for corruption and money laundering. The wealth that was to be used for public welfare was sent to Dubai, London and Swiss Bank Accounts. Politicians’ business grew 50 to 70 thousand times and people of Pakistan became poorer and poorer. Information technology is wife of police and girlfriend of criminals, yet Digital Pakistan, is a surefire strategy against the incumbent’s white collar crimes.

According to NAB sources the earlier incumbents set up a network of front men in Sindh and Punjab, who used to collect kickbacks and commissions from projects into their palaces in bullet  proof cars purchased using tax payers money. This black money was then sent abroad through money exchangers and then returned by Tele-transfer Transactions (TT) in fictitious names into their own accounts. They used national assembly to make law the FBR cannot investigate foreign currency transactions [Arshad, 2019].

These foreign transactions consisted of local corruption money rerouted to their accounts through foreign bank accounts. They used some of it to buy assets abroad and rest sent back through TTs. Front men used to hide money in fake accounts. Fake account holders were unaware of big amounts in their accounts and foreign TT senders claim they had never gone abroad. Ex-president, ex-prime ministers, ex-VIPs and elite politicians are involved in mega corruption scandals.

Pakistan’s debt kept on increasing at rate of $30 billion per 5-year democracy tenure in last two decades. They planted their own judges, election commissioners and bureaucrats to ensure turn by turn coming into government. God helped the 220 million people by awakening their conscience to vote for new leaders. Imran Khan won the election, but corrupt mafias joined their hands against him.

Judges and advocates claim the bar and the bench, politicians say opposition and government and media pundits tell the men and women are two wheels of a vehicle, but when it comes to practice the advocates misbehave with judges, opposition tries to fail government instead of sharing experience and race or faith based decisions are done instead of merit based selections.

Capitalist elites call themselves leaders and statesmen but fight like politicians. The opposition and the government waste more time in accusing each other instead of addressing real issues. Media wastes lot of time on showing political speeches of inherited politicians and spares little time on debating solution of common issues like air pollution, climate change, population, inflation, health and education.

Genius students join medical, engineering and natural sciences; bright students study accounts, business, and economics; and mediocre students prefer law, arts and political sciences. When it comes to pays, perks and positions the run-of-the-mill sits on top executive positions, the brilliants ends up in civil services and the brainy group is forced to work in rock bottom essential services without any service structure. The doctors, engineers, scientists and professors are forced to undergo biometric attendance and dumb executives declare themselves above the law [APP 2019].

Genius, Bright and Mediocre scholars have different careers. Supreme Court judges retire on age of 65, high court judges at 63, civil servants at age of 60 and soldiers in 30s to 40s. Supreme Court judges take salary in range of one million, executives half to quarter of million and PhD professors in few lacs. Doctors and engineers are the most bright and brainy professionals who get salaries in thousands. Parents spend five to seven millions to study medicines after which government offers no job.

We allow dumb executives to continue job till 65 to 70s but force PhD professors to sit home on 60. We have different books, curriculum, national heroes, salary structures and retirement ages in different provinces. Retired executives and generals can work as long as they breathe the ordinary professionals are silenced right after 60. You might have ideas, working potential and knowledge the permission will be given selectively on race and faith basis [Rahman 2014].

HEC spends billions of rupees on PhD degrees from foreign universities where professors continue jobs till 70s. When our PhD professors become gold after long experience, bureaucracy throws them out pf the system at age of 60. Private universities hire young PhDs who can teach three four courses as they have nothing to do with research where senior professors matter. We are like the farmers who spends years to grow a plant and then cuts it down when it starts giving fruits [Intikhab 2019].

How we can become a nation when we have different curricula for different provinces, different salaries for different departments and different retirement ages. Why bureaucracy is determined to not grant awards and accolades to doctors and engineers. Nations which don respect their talent cannot succeed with various brands slogans. I see many professors and teachers dying without treatment yet they are also not eligible to PTI Health Card schemes.

Police, judiciary, bureaucracy and politics are the most corrupt professions in developing countries. The police sows seeds of corruption, judiciary nurtures, bureaucracy waters and politicians reap the crops. Pricy schools, pricey colleges and dear universities sell degrees by teaching prices of things, not value of anything. Money is respected everywhere high morality find no place to hide [Crisis 2010].

Widespread air pollution and climate change is mandate for nowhere. Faith based politics is a new phenomenon in India where religion based nationalities are being granted. Race and color based politics is a new phenomenon in USA that according to media pundits has divided the nation. Human progress should have brought coherence, not dispersion among ethnic communities. British Empire divided Islamic States into small dominions and injected poison of hate among them. Selahedînê Eyûbî (Kurd) had reconquered Palestine in 1187, therefore they divided Kudistan among several states. Muslim leaders still use separation cards as part of politics that is mandate to nowhere.

West does not recognize Asia as the parameters they use do not work in high moral grounds. America wasted one trillion dollars, lost 2300 lives, wounded 20,000 soldiers in Afghanistan yet lost the war. According to Washington Times the military generals and politicians lied to their own people to justify this failure war. British scholars had told to Bush the Afghans will die but never accept defeat, yet Bush continued unwinnable war against the world’s most poor country to demonstrate her power, without knowing, the Afghanistan is graveyard of civilizations where there are many ways to enter but no way to escape. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and TTP were US CIA funded fighters [Craig 2019].

India used to be a sound economic hub, spiritual sight and multicultural spot in South Asia that is now descending to rock bottom of racial discrimination. RSS Prime Minister Narendra Modi has led its economy to free fall, unemployment to lowest in last half century and religious intolerance to peak level in last five years. Indian political pundits say India is entering into a new dark age [Shikha 2019].

Imran Khan told very sincerely to Narendra Modi several times to solve bilateral issues through dialogue but this sacrilegious creature is overwhelmed with religious extremism. These white and red spot faced horrid Hindu extremists hate Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Communists. They worship idols, devils, sun and snakes living on edge of humanity. Globalization had brought them to light but Modi took them back into pitch dark age. Religion based nationality is Modi’s latest attack on minorities.

According to Devyjot, “A federal panel on religion has urged the United States to weigh sanctions against India's Home Minister Amit Shah if the south Asian nation adopts legislation to exclude Muslims from a path to citizenship for religious minorities from its neighbors. Shah is a close associate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose Hindu nationalist-led government is seen by critics as pushing an agenda that undermines the secular foundations of India's democracy. On Tuesday, parliament's lower house approved the measure covering citizenship for non-Muslim minorities, specifically Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Parsis and Sikhs, who fled Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan before 2015…The measure goes against India's constitution, which guarantees legal equality to people of all faiths…The bill has prompted criticism at home and abroad, as it marks the first time India is weighing religion in granting citizenship…The scrapping of autonomy for the disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir and permission from India's top court for moves to build a Hindu temple at a disputed religious site have bolstered right-wing supporters, and diverted attention from a slowing economy.” [Devjyot, 2019].

US Congress has passed bill against human rights violations in Kashmir and supported two states theory for Israel and Palestine [Jagran 2019]. India is following Israeli model to build Hindu settlements in Kashmir. Modi has pushed India back into poverty, paucity, pollution and population track. You do not have to take care of present population, at least stop further growth. Keeping on producing herds of extremists and then running around the globe for help to buy food, clothes and medicines for them.


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Source:Ocnus.net 2020

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