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The Remainer Tyranny
By Brendan O'Neill, Spikede, 8th September 2019
Sep 15, 2019 - 11:12:35 AM

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The Remainer elites are a menace to democracy and freedom. They must be defeated.

You couldn’t have asked for a better illustration of the ridiculousness of the radical left. There they were on Whitehall yesterday raging against Boris the ‘dictator’, while at the exact same time the section of the political class that these leftists support – the Remainer elite – was threatening Boris with jail if he doesn’t obey its demands to stay in the European Union. If anything has the whiff of dictatorship in the UK right now, it is this alarmingly authoritarian urge to imprison the prime minister if he refuses to extend the UK’s membership of the EU. Yet Corbynistas and other so-called progressives were on the streets screaming blue murder about Boris’s ‘dictatorship’-style proroguing of parliament while turning a blind eye – or giving a rousing cheer – to the pro-EU elite’s increasingly tyrannical determination to defy the people and keep the UK in the EU for longer.

Yes, we have now reached the ‘keep us in the EU or we will send you to jail’ stage of the Remainer tyranny. This furious, anti-democratic wing of the elite, who make up the majority of the contemporary establishment, has been drifting towards extreme authoritarianism for two years now. They openly discuss overriding the largest democratic vote in British history. They condemn newspapers that use strong language to describe Remainer extremism. They make deals with the European Union above the heads of the prime minister, the Cabinet and the people to ensure that we stay in the EU for longer than planned. And now they warn the PM that if he doesn’t follow a new law insisting on an extension of the Article 50 process – and of the UK’s membership of the EU – then he will go to jail.

The arch anti-democrat Dominic Grieve, one of the Tory MPs who had the whip removed last week after he sided with the Opposition, says the PM will be ‘sent to prison for contempt’ if he refuses to adhere to the Benn Bill going through parliament which demands an extension to the Article 50 process to January next year (and maybe for longer). The former director of public prosecutions, Lord MacDonald, said MPs could take court action against Boris – something MPs are now considering – and that Boris could then ‘find [himself] in prison’ if he defies the court’s decision. Anti-Brexit obsessive Jo Maugham QC says the choice facing the prime minister is this: ‘he’ll either see the extension delivered or he’ll go to prison.’ Maugham says he will ‘compel’ Boris ‘on pain of imprisonment’ to enforce the extension of the Article 50 process.

Think about what is happening here; think about the seriousness of it. These people – Remainer MPs and their cheerleaders in the legal, media and cultural elites – are preventing Boris Johnson from holding a democratic General Election. And they are forcing him, ‘on pain of imprisonment’, to enact something that nobody voted for and which opinion polls show that majorities of people are opposed to: the further delaying of Brexit. And they will not let the masses have any kind of say on any of this until they have secured – on pain of imprisonment – the PM’s surrender to their anti-democratic determination to keep us in the EU for a longer period of time.

You want to see a coup? You want to see dictatorial instincts at play? Look no further than this unprecedented trashing of political convention and democratic sentiment by that section of the political class that is so consumed by contempt for the people and the vote we made in 2016 that they have now taken to threatening jail against a PM who does what we want rather than what they want.
‘The establishment uses Twitter to demonise the public’ – Brendan O’Neill vs Ash Sarkar


These people are out of control. They are turning the UK into an entirely undemocratic nation. Such is their arrogance, their aloofness from public opinion, their loathing for the millions who voted to leave the EU, that they are willing to destroy democracy itself in the name of thwarting the people. The prison talk that now flows so freely from their mouths – and which is obediently retweeted by the seething classist inhabitants of the FBPE sections of the Twittersphere – is more than a practical threat; it is more than an anally retentive reading of the law. It also shines a light into these people’s hearts and their minds and the tyranny that lurks there. These people really do believe, like jumped-up Joe Stalins, that those who defy their undemocratic diktats ought to be punished severely. Including by imprisonment.

The Remainer elite is holding the country to ransom. It is blocking a democratic election as it conspires with EU officials to force through another delay to Brexit. It is silencing the people as it stitches up our votes and our demands. This is the most anti-democratic moment in the history of the franchise in this country. It is now essential that we stop referring to the 21 ‘Tory rebels’ and other Remainers in parliament and in the media as ‘moderates’. Because there is nothing moderate about trying to overthrow the largest act of democracy this country has ever seen or about threatening with imprisonment a PM who refuses to facilitate this overthrow. That isn’t moderate – it is extremist, reactionary and dangerous. These people must be stopped as a matter of urgency. We need an election so that we can clear out this class of people who hold the rest of us and our democratic rights in such open contempt.

Source:Ocnus.net 2019

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