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Editorial Last Updated: Aug 4, 2021 - 10:15:24 AM

‘Russian Federation’s Time Running Out,’ Russian Monarchist Says
By Paul Goble, Eurasia 27/7/21
Aug 3, 2021 - 11:20:02 AM

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Russia today is living through “a serious crisis” because of the absence of trust by the Russian people into their rulers, a crisis that is only deepening because the rulers care not about Russia and the Russian people but only about making money for themselves, Igor Romanov says.

The editor of the Vladivostok-based Russian Orthodox nationalist and monarchist site Bereg Rus says that the attitudes of the Russian people are not reflected so much in public opinion polls as in the distrustful and suspicious views Russians have about any project those in power advance (beregrus.ru/?p=13846).

The people can see that those in power today are only concerned about how to create a smokescreen so the people won’t be able to see clearly that those running the country either up to now or after the upcoming elections don’t care about the wellbeing of the people but only about filling their own pockets.          

Romanov says that the political system is filled with such people now and that there won’t be any change after the Duma elections because the current rulers have selected people to “replace” some of the parliamentarians with others of the same stripe.  And it is clear to Russians that it doesn’t make any difference what the mix of systemic party deputies is.

Those who are running Russia now have strayed from “our God-given Russian path.” And their actions are rapidly bringing matters to a head. According to the editor, “Russia will hardly remain a republic with ‘democratic values’ in the future. Those songs are not about Russia. Russian can only be an autocratic Orthodox monarchy.”

“This is not ‘a Russian dream,’ he continues; “it is not simply a desire. It is the government system given to Russia by God.” That will require a tsar, and the approaching installation of both means that “the time of the Russian Federation is running out.” Russian people feel this, but many of them are just waiting for things to happen.

But according to Romanov, they have a role to play in bringing the country back to its true nature. They must cleanse themselves and their society in order that a Russian autocratic monarchy will return as soon as possible.

Romanov’s words are worth noting for two reasons. On the one hand, all too often those on the Russian right are ignored even though they may have a bigger constituency than more moderate or left of center positions do. And on the other – and this is the more important fact – the right is just as suspicious of the Putin regime’s focus on money above all else as is the left.

That leaves the regime will less support than many including its denizens think, even though the two groups which don’t support it for that reason undoubtedly feel that they have nothing in common and display no willingness to cooperate with one another.

Source:Ocnus.net 2021

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