Trump Spends Labor Day Attacking US Workers
By Jason Easley, Politicus, Sep 3rd, 2018
Sep 4, 2018 - 11:37:37 AM

Trump marked Labor Day by attacking, not honoring, workers, while at the same time taking credit for their success.

Trump first took credit for something that isnít true:

Then he attacked unions on Labor Day:

Trumka told Fox News Sunday:

Unfortunately, to date, the things that heís done to hurt workers outpace what heís done to help workers. He hasnít come up with an infrastructure program that could put a lot of us back to work. He overturned a regulation that would actually denied over 5 million people overtime that they would have had. He overturned some health and safety regulations that will hurt us on the job. Enforcement of OSHA and MSHA isnít what it should be.


Wages have been down since the first of the year. Gas prices have been up since the first of the year. So, overall, workers arenít doing as well. He passed the tax bill that encourages companies to outsource. We canít agree to support something like that. Heís ó every place we can, Chris, we do. But, unfortunately, right now, the scale is weighted against him because heís done more to hurt workers than to help workers.

Trump Has Been Bad For Workers

The Trump administration has been bad for workers. Wages have gone down, prices have gone up, including healthcare, jobs might be plentiful, but workers will need to work three of them to make ends meet. Trump hasnít brought back manufacturing and coal. He has harmed the clean energy sector, and his tariffs are killing jobs.

Under no measure has the Trump presidency been good for workers.

Trump tried to take credit for a success that is not happening.

Donald Trump attacked workers on Labor Day because they refused to tell him that everything is fine.

Americans are celebrating a day where they have to work twice as hard for the same low pay, which is not what workers meant when they held the first Labor Day parades more than a century ago.

Source: Ocnus.net 2018