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Research Last Updated: Jul 28, 2020 - 3:00:14 PM

Nature Inspired Sustainable Systems
By AR Kalair, N. Abas, N. Khan, Comsats, 26/7/20
Jul 27, 2020 - 4:05:36 PM

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Natural heating, cooling and survival technologies.


Plants, animals and humans are three forms of life on planet. Plants produce oxygen and carbohydrates for animals who produce carbon dioxide for plants. Nature supplies sunlight and water to complete the biochemical reaction cycle between plants and animals. This is a natural sustainable system.

Subsurface is cooler than earth’s surface in summer and warmer in winter. Rabbits, rodents and reptiles go into their underground holes during summer as well as winter to protect against heat strokes and cold spells. Plants supply habitat to animals to make a sustainable living system.

Our forerunners used to dig ponds around villages to accumulate rain water. Excavated mud was used to raise level of village and building construction. Rain and drain waters used to flow fast into ponds flushing streets and drains. Ancient drain systems were perfectly sustainable sanitation system.

Plants are our best partners on planet. All plants absorb carbon dioxide to clean atmosphere, however, some plants grow deadly fruits and release poisonous fluids. Sandbox has poisonous thorns on trunk and grows fruits which explode when ripe. Manchineed tree gives of poisonous fruit and deadly black fluid that can damage eyes. Suicide tree in India gives fruits which having poisonous seeds.

Sthychnine is another Indian tree which gives poisonous seeds. It’s chemical can kill rats, cats and dogs. However, it is useful for making medicines against cancer and heart problems. Bynya pine is tall tree having 9 to 10 kg fruits which may kill anyone standing under tree. Milky mangroves in Australia release white fluids from leaves and branches that is bad for eyes. Gympie is another plant in Australia that if touches to body acts like acid.

Ongaonga is a plant in New Zealand that causes deadly irritation on body. European common yew looks beautiful but has poison in its fruit that can kill animals and humans. Deadly night shade plant causes headache, heartache and psychological issues. Rosary pea plant fruits are like beans but capable of killing anyone who touches these fruits [Tahreem 2020].

Costors beans tree is registered as poisonous plant in Ginz book of records. Touching these trees causes diarrhea and victim dies with shortage of water in body. Angel’s trumpet has beautiful flowers which are very poisonous. Namibian bottle tree gives of fruits having poisonous seeds. These seeds cause blindness if touch with eyes.

A few decades ago there used to be local Punchyat (court) to sort out conflicts among people. Land lords started using this system to oblige their race and faith fellows. In 1970s richer people started occupying common lands in villages for social welfare. Cobblers, barbers, potters, blacksmiths, weavers and musicians (mirassies) migrated to factories in big cities. Large cities started expanding like ink on rough paper. Rise in crimes, sanitation issues and inflation made the life unsustainable in recent decades.

Landlords and capitalists became politicians, mirassies and bhonds came in silver screen, and syeds, shahs and emigrants joined civil services. I see people divided into racial groups who are kind to one another and inflexible for others. Farmers started selling arable lands to property dealers who are now building unsustainable housing societies.

Lust for wealth, fame and power has shattered the social values which once used to be our great asset. Evolution of sectarianism, extremism and secularism is beginning of a new era. Deforestation has reduced natural carbon sequestration sources and ended habitats for wildlife. Polar bears in Siberia and Cheetahs in Pakistan are attacking human settlements.

Animals teach us golden rule of coexistence. Power, speed and skills are the rule of law in nature. Hawks use their speed and muscle power to hunt birds. Wild animals live in groups for sustainable settlements. Herds too live in groups but do not fight back collectively. A group of African buffaloes have learnt the skill of hunting lions with unity and integrity.

A pack of wolves hunting buffaloes and a pride of lions hunting zebras for living look ruthless but God has made their stomachs to eat only meat, not grass. We also do the same by slaying animals to eat. They are carnivore, cows and buffaloes are herbivore and humans are omnivore. Animal hunt one another to keep a natural balance for sustainable living.

Nature has already worked out creative solutions for coexistence of all forms of life on earth. Humans, being the wisest creature on planet, can further optimize these technologies.  Our forerunners developed submarines and airplanes by observing fishes in oceans and birds in air.

Sharks hunt sea lions who have eaten already many small marine species that same as looting of a man who has already looted many others. Police, doctors and dacoits loot traders, property dealers and hoarders who have already looted people.

Humans, of course, are the most intelligent creature in universe. They started learning from animals and reached climax of wisdom in less than 200,000 years. We know the facts yet often engage in wrong ways for greed and lust. We are aware of seven sins and goods yet often do not care.

We did not know at start the consequence of fossil fuels. Soon, we learnt of air pollution and climate change yet did not care. Prophets have told us very clearly what animals to eat and what not, yet we continued eating pigs, boars, pangolin and bats that led us all to Covid-19 pandemic.

Humans are new species on planet, but plants and animals are here for zillions of years. We have developed many natures inspired technologies yet here are many more innovative ways there to learn for sustainable living and development. When water comes in pound the fishes are borne and as it dries up all the marine species die except amphibians to have learnt to live in water as well as on land.

Eagles inspired air planes, elephant trunk inspired robotic arm, mosquito’s proboscis inspired injection needles, shark skin inspired swim suits, whale inspired submarines, swarm inspired drones, humpback whale flippers inspired turbine blades, bio-inspired robots, pitcher plants inspired slippery surfaces, beetles and cacti inspire air wells are few examples to quote.

Nature works in an organized discipline. Principles of nature never change. Whosoever has created this gargantuan cosmic system it works under well-defined rules. Whoever, abides by natural rules, succeeds others fail. A nation is like a balloon in near surface air, either it moves up or falls down.  Satellites can float in space where gravity of earth equals to celestial bodies.

Academic pundits know the workers learn more at work place than in classroom. They learn by working, observing, talking and correcting among people who know. Formal learning in class and workshop is hardly 10 to 20% of what people learn at work place. We overinvest in formal education and training programs instead of natural informal learning programs [Jay 2007].

End poverty, not the poor. Hope keeps human alive to achieve their targets. Hopelessness provokes victims to do or die. Despair can make weaker people brave too. Hopeless people either commit suicide or stand up to fight to end. UN must give hope to poor people in Kashmir. This is law of jungle where power matters.  Role of UN platform has reduced to an excuse used to justify attack on weaker countries. To kill a defenseless human is not quality of good humans.

We must stop usury, pagan tactics, drugs, greed and lust. Animals may hunt other animals but do not enslave them. Human have committed physical, mental and debt slaveries. Kashmir and Palestine are the largest jails on planet. Whenever you know the truth, do not search alternative truth to satisfy media and yourselves. US/UK/EU’s NATO is based on natural survival principles. However, this alliance should be used for defense not aggression.  Lions, tigers and wolves use similar alliances for hunting other animals. Humans being superior creature should keep off animal strategies.


Tahreem Q, Killer Trees, Sunday Express, 19 July 2020.

Jay C, Informal learning: Rediscovering the natural pathways that inspire innovation and performance, John Wiley & Sons, 2007

Source:Ocnus.net 2020

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